Friday, May 8, 2009

JCO Donuts

Chamb did it again! About 3 weeks ago, he treated us a very nice chocolate cake and this time, he bought us the very delicious donuts from J.CO Donuts & Coffee @ Pavillion!

He bought a dozen which consists of 12 pieces of donuts with different flavors. They were very colorful! A dozen of donuts costs RM21 inclusive of 5% of government tax.

It was really hard to make decision which one to choose as each of it was equally attractive. Chamb bought 12 flavors, each of them has their individual name. From the upper left to right: Forest Glam,Why Nut, Heaven Berry and Crunchy Crunchy. Middle row from left to right: Oreo, Coco Loco, Al Capnone and Miss Green T. The bottom row from left to right: Lady Thai T, Caviar Chocolate, Pink Panther and Copa Banana.

After some thought, I finally decided to go for Miss Green T! I just love green sometimes and I guess that's the reason why out of the 12, it attracted my eyes!

After I took a bite on it, "Emmm... it is yummy!". The donut itself was so soft. The cream on top of it was so creamy and very thick in taste. However, it was a bit too sweet. I think it is not advisible to eat too many in one time as the sweetness may not good for our health.

Anyway, I guess it is something worth a try if you never have it before. After eaten it, I just realized why Chamb kept asking us to try out this donuts as he himself is a big fan of this food! It was delicious but really... too sweet.

Thanks Chamb for the very nice Donuts!


  1. nice, but too sweet, just east sometime.

  2. I think I tried them before. It's also available in Kuching, right?


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