Monday, May 18, 2009

Did I Missed KL Life?

Today is my first working day after came back from KL attachment. Finally I get back to the working environment that I am very familiar with and which I had gone through it for the past 3 years.

Some people asked me, did I miss KL life? Well, it is a hard question to answer. I would say until certain extend, I did miss KL life.

I missed my sisters, brothers-in-law, brother, niece and nephew who welcomed me to stay with them and took extra care of me when I was in KL for the past 2 months. They spent me nice foods and never complain to drive me home or to the destination I wished to go although it was quite troublesome sometimes. They made up every single chance to meet up because they realized that usually we will only meet for one week yearly.

I missed my colleagues in KL, Chamb, Teo, Wee and Fida who treated us like a family. Honestly, I never feel awkward or strange even on the first day I stepped into KL office. Chamb always bring us to the sources of nice foods. Teo provided good tips for networking stuffs and never hesitate to help up when we faced any networking problem. Wee always busy with project management yet he never forget to remind us about traffic jam during off hours and Fida was always cool and quiet, and she always be the last one to have her lunch.

I also missed KL leng loi, foods, Savanna Condo, swimming pool, Bukit Jalil ......

As a whole, the 2 months attachment is a good experience for me which will live forever inside my memory. I will reveal more in my next post.


  1. same feel with you, many friends ask me miss KL life or not, but I can told that if life in big city like KL, for sure you can see more and try more, good experience and memory in my life, appreciate for KL colleague hospitality and I will miss you guys forever, haha....

  2. wen, this is so touching.. i just cant control my tears when reading this..

    Anyway, we really enjoy the time that you have spent with us here...especially Hwi and Chong, they just love you sooooooooooooooo... much.

    Enjoy working in Sibu lah :-)

  3. Too bad we did not manage a gathering when you were here.

  4. allo bro... me in Penang now. alone due to work. It can be said the office is empty and quiet without you guys. Sudden quitness and tense feeling are back glooming in KL office. Dark clouds and strange sound fr the room can be heard. Once you receive the mail, you will know either you kena or not. Sighs.. So i need to enjoy my 3 days and 2 night stays in Penang. Company pay for this vacation.

  5. Sparkish :: Agree!

    Cuttie pie :: Thanks for everything!

    Sooky :: Don't worry, it's ok. I know you were busy with your new born at that time ;)

    cmichael :: We missed KL office too. You must enjoy your Penang trip like we enjoyed the one in KL!


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