Friday, May 22, 2009

KL Attachment Footprints Part 1 - Accomodation

Finally, I am back to the environment that I am very familiar with. Everything is back to normal now including my life, my daily routine, my foods intake and my body clock. My first working attachment in KL are now only left in my memory. Here I want to flash back some of my memory which also indicates my footprints in KL for the past 2 month.

This is the place I stayed for the past 2 months - Savanna Condo, Bukit Jalil just opposite Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

This is the unit I stayed in, A-05-08. Block A 5th floor and unit number 8.

The unit is facing Bukit Jalil Goft Course, a very nice view.

The first two weeks we were there, the place was still a mess. No proper place to sit, no curtain, no kettle to cook water, no washing machine, no light in my wash room... It was a nightmare!

But slowly the furniture and electrical appliances had been added into it. When most of the necessities were there, we started to get use to the place and enjoy our staying.

This is the guard house where we needed to pass by everytime go in or out the condominium compound. Some guards were very friendly by smiling and waving at you, but some just not care.

This is the view to the left from the balcony. Yes! It was Bukit Jalil National Stadium! It was built when Malaysia became the host of Commonwealth Games in year 1998. The fly over beside the condo made a lot of noise when the cars pass by with high speed.

This is the bed inside master room where I used to share with my immediate supervisor (a.k.a Ah Tao). Hope my snoring didn't really disturb his sleep, if I did then I would like to say sorry! ;p

This is the scenery I saw when I opened my bedroom's windows - Arena Green Apartment just in front of my eyes.

This is the corner where I used to put my laptop when inside my room. The DVD player was just for decoration.

This is the laptop that accompanied me for the past 2 months. It's not mine, but I borrowed from my landlord. It was Dell Latitude D410 model with built-in wifi.

This is the place where I did my"business" and took bath every morning.

This is the living room where I used to watch tv and surfing concurrently after back from work.

The shoes rack, clothes drying rack, the old and poor washing machine and the place where I cooked instant noodles. I shouldn't complain much about the old washing machine as it works properly during the 2 months.

The kettles we used to boil water...

and this is how we stored the boiled water - big mineral water's plastic bottles.

This is the swimming pool I used to swim almost everyday after work except weekend. Swimming is the only sport I had in KL. Honestly I am a bad swimmer, but I did learn some breathing skill here.

This is where I enjoyed Jacuzzi, the whirl pool with water jets that produced massaging effect. It was really comfortable especially after tiring work.

That's about my footprints and memories in Savanna Condo, Bukit Jalil. In the coming post I will reveal others. To be continue...

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  1. I like those facility, including bikini moimoi, hihi....


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