Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Half Day Trip to Sg Klah Hot Springs Park

Maybe a lot of you never heard of a local tourism spot called Taman Rekreasi Air Panas (TRAP) Sg. Klah or Hot Springs Park Sungai Klah.

I also never heard of it until on labour day holiday, I just happened to have chance to visit the place with my sister, brother-in-law and his family. The park is located in a small town named Sungkai in the state of Perak. It needs about 2 hours of driving from KL.

[Park's floor plan]

As we went there on public holiday, hence along the highway to the destination, it was quite jammed. We even met a Ferrari F355 Berlinetta crawling slowly on the highway which couldn't show off her power and speed. I couldn't help myself from laughing at the Ferrari... well, you have powerful engine, so what? You still need to move at the same speed like a Proton do!

[Followed behind a yellow Ferrari F355]

We finally arrived at the destination about noon time. Bear in mind, it is not FREE to go in there. You need to pay for entrance fee which is RM10 for adults and RM8 for kids. When I stepped down from the car, what I could see was the place was crowded by people, from small kids to senior citizens. It is probably because of public holiday followed by weekend which made up a long break, therefore families as well as friends trying to spend their holiday at nice place like this.

Along the way, I could see families were having picnic under the oil palm trees. This is a very healthy activity to tighten the relationship between family members which I found it really nice and meaningful.

[A lot of families were picnic here under oil palm trees]

There were 2 main sections inside the hot springs park. As it is called "Hot Springs Park", therefore the major section of this park is the hot spring or hot ground water section. Here you can soak your legs inside the specially created drain which contain the natural hot ground water.

Water temperature in different drains are vary. It is stated clearly so make sure you look for stated temperature before you soak your legs in. Some drains may content hot spring up to 50 degree Celsius.

[Visitors soaking their legs in a pool with water temperature around 42 - 50 degree Celsius]

As for me, I just tried on water temperature around 35 to 40 degree Celsius. When I first soaked my legs in, I could really feel the heat and it was a bit painful. However after soaking in it for a short while, my legs slowly get used to the temperature and I started to feel more comfortable. After some time, I could see my leg turning red. I heard this is good for blood circulation.

[Visitors soaking legs inside the drain containing hot spring]

Anyway, park management advised the public do not soak inside the hot spring for more than 30 minutes. This is because the hot water may hurt or burn your skin. So, if you feel some stabbing pain on your turning red's legs, it is the sign you should take you leg out from the hot water.

[A notice to visitors]

There were also quite a numbers of specially built shelters for the visitors to either take a rest or having picnic. I fact the whole park was surrounded by trees. So, most of the places were actually covered from hot sun by trees.

[Picnic around a shelter]

[Very nice Africa look alike shelters]

There was also a place inside the park to let visitors cook eggs with natural hot ground water. This area was quite small and has limited space. Therefore it is not easy to wait for your turn because people are fighting to cook eggs here! Well, of course you cannot soak your legs into the water here because it was really hot and you can see the steam raised from the water surface.

[Cooking eggs with natural hot water]

There were few hot spring's pools being setup for visitors. If you don't like to soak your legs inside the drain, these pools might be your choice. You can even take bath or submerge your whole body inside this hot spring's pools.

[A view of a properly sheltered hot springs pool]

[Children love to play inside the pool]

[Soak legs or take path inside a hot springs pool]

[A specially made structure for leg soaking]

[Lots of people soaking their legs in one of the drain/pool]

[This area was fenced as the water temperature is too high and not suitable for any soaking activities]

Another section inside this park is the mountain springs pool.

[Signboard showing Mountain Springs Pool]

In this section, visitors can play with mountain water. Of course this is not the hot water anymore. Therefore kids and youngsters prefer this place more than hot springs section because it has cold mountain water. I didn't have chance to play in this mountain water personally as I had limited time and also I didn't have enough preparation which allow me to do so.

[A view of the Mountain Springs Pool]

The pool is divided into 2 sections. 1st section is for small kids where the water is shallow. There was a giant octopus sculpture being built at one end of the pool to make the place more fun and attractive. This giant octopus is actually a slide where children can slide into the water.

[The octopus slider beautify the environment of the pool for kids]

2nd section has deeper water level. It's more suitable for youngsters and adults.

[The deeper pool]

[A wonderful view of the Mountain Springs Pool]

As conclusion, Hot Springs Park Sg.Klah is a local tourism attraction point which worth a visit. Besides the refreshing scenery, you can also enjoy the fresh air as it was located inside the oil palms farm. The hot spring itself is unique and worth a try. If the hot natural ground water is not your choice, you can try out the mountain spring cold water. It is the place of choice to spend your leisure with friends or families!


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