Tuesday, June 2, 2009

World of High Definition Roadshow 2009 @ Sibu Gateway

Visited Viera World of High Definition Roadshow 2009 by Panasonic at Sibu Gateway last Sunday. 2 big trucks combined to form 2 exhibition rooms where Panasonic products were displayed inside.

The highlight of the roadshow was the Malaysia largest plasma tv owned by Panasonic. It is a 103 inches plasma tv. Just compare its measurement with the tv you have at home. I think it is not too hard to imagine how a giant 103" tv can be!

It was certainly entertaining. With proper surround sound system attached to it, you can experience the feel of watching movie in cinema right from your home!

In this exhibition room, a proper sofa seat was ready for visitors to sit back and relax while experience the amazement of the 103" plasma tv.

Want to own this plasma tv? Yes! Certainly you can! Just pay this amount of money and the tv is yours! What do you think? ;p

In another exhibition room, there were 3 show girls inside with few Panasonic LCD TVs been displayed. Apart from these, there were also other Panasonic products like Lumix digital camera and so on, but I couldn't really have chance to see all those products as the show girls were either sitting or standing in front of them while resting and chit-chatting without really care about the people walking in and out.

Talking about show girls.... Ya! It is "Buaya" time (TM)!! I managed to shot the picture of 2 out of 3 show girls. Another one somehow went out. It was certainly a big challenge for me because I understand this is Sibu not KL. People in small town are not that open-minded and I was doubt about their professionalism because they not really care about the visitors walking in and out.

After myself walking in and out for several times, finally I decided to take out my courage and asked for permission to take their photo. Well, at least in this case, they showed their professionalism. Without much thought, the show girls posing in front of my camera! Despite showing some unwillingness on their face maybe they thought I am a "weird uncle"(TM), they still kind enough to give me a sexy pose! For this, I would like to thank them for their professionalism!

The 2 pretty girls... if you somehow read this post, I am not a "weird uncle". I am just a amateur blogger who wish to show your prettiness to the world! Thanks for your kindness!

Anyway, I still not sure if they are local or from outstation. Didn't have chance to ask them. Actually I never expect I could have chance to meet or shot on pretty show girls in Sibu. That's why my heart was beating fast from the moment I asked their permission till I pressed the shutter! So for "buaya" out there... hope you appreciate this! ;p


  1. ”怪beh beh“,阿多说的,不是我说的,哈哈哈。。。

  2. muahahhahaha.... very hustler lah u choo. Should upgrade to DSLR d.

  3. No choice... no money... no increment... meaning no DSLR!!

  4. I got see this road show on Saturday after OT. I wanna check on the Panasonic DSLR, it's tied there so I can't see properly, the show just stand there don't wanna "hiu" me, damn. But at least she gave me a small Panasonic Paper fan la, haha.

  5. Damn! They don't even give me a single fan!!


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