Tuesday, June 9, 2009

X-Ball Challenge 2009 @ Sibu Town Square

X-ball Challenge is an annual event in Sibu. It was organized by a local group called X4 Generation who specialized in organizing such event. Basically it was a 3 0n 3 street basketball competition but this year, street soccer had been added into the competition.

The event had been held from 6 - 7 June this year at Sibu Town Square car park area. I was at the scene to see the excitement of 3-on-3 street basketball competition as basketball is one of my favorite sports. I played basketball almost everyday when I was study in university but after that because lack of "kaki"(companion) and court, I have no choice but to give up the game.

I would not elaborate much in this post as the photos are self-explanatory. Enjoy the photos!

Some guys' action

["This is an easy layup for me......"]

["Watch up! I gonna block you!"]

["I wanna dunk like Kobe Bryant!"]

[It was a bad dunk!]

[Errr... I think you still need to jump few inches higher in order to dunk...]

["I am too tired! Can I sit down to take a rest?"]

["I believe I can fly!"]

["Yeye!! The ball is mine! Nobody can take it!"]

["Don't you ever try to grab the rebound from O'Neal's hand!"]

[This is what happened when you let Shaquille O'Neal doing the shooting!]

["Hey!! Don't pull my pants!"]

["Ah Beng! Don't let go the ball! Come on!"]

[Tango in the air]

["No more Tango this time! I use monkey fist!"]

["Hey! Please raise your hand before you start dribbling!"]

["HAHA! You see he is always shorter than me!"]

Here are some girls' action

["Who said girls cannot play street ball?"]

["Somebody please help me! This girl keep stare at me and try to touch my butt!"]

["I am a netball player"]

Some referees in action

["I am the referee from Pirates of the Caribbean!"]

["I am the smallest and cuttest referee on earth!"]

Shooting Star challenge

["This is the correct way to shoot the ball, got me?!"]

["This distance is too easy for me!"]

["I am a girl! This is too far for me!"]

["I hate the obstacle! "]

Street soccer
["I am a paparazzi!"]

["Hey! Referee! He fouled me!"]

["Dribble like Ronaldo!"]

["This is police traffic! Go that way!"]

["Mak! King Kong datang!!"]


  1. Kobe Bryant !?!? dont insult my idol leh, hahaha...

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