Sunday, June 14, 2009

Basketball Court Drawing DIY Project

This evening I was invited by a buddy of mine to a Basketball Court Drawing DIY Project at his place. It was a private initiated project with the goal to draw a half court basketball court line at the end of the day.

This was my first experience doing this kind of task. Before this I just knew how to play basketball on a basketball court but not how to draw a court with my own hands. Certainly it was not an easy task.

First, you need to prepare the measurement of the court. Not sure about the measurement? Just googling it! The one we used is the FIBA standard measurement. Some other necessary tools for the job are measuring tape, white chalk, rope, masking tape, hammer, nail and also the paint.

To start the task, we first measured the area with measuring tape. Then we marked each important point with the white chalk. For rounded area, we used rope tied to a nail acted like a compass.

After marking the necessary paths with white chalk, we then used masking tape to mark the boundaries of the straight lines to ease our paint job later.

Ok! It was painting time! My friend bought a Road Marking Paint for this purpose. This was the "smallest" tin he could get as usually marking road will use quite a big volume of paint so no small tin is available.

Painting the straight line seemed not to be too hard as we had masking tape guided along the boundaries but not the curve. That's why for the curving area, we needed to show a bit of our "artistic" skill and talent to make the curve look rounded.

After painting the free throw line semicircle, we then continued with the other part of semicircle to form a circle, but this time it was a broken line. This was a bit challenging as we need proper measurement to make the broken line look balance on both side.

After refering to the drawing plan, we did some marking first with white chalk before applied the paint onto it. This was the result, it looks good!

Last but not least, we measured and painted the lane places and neutral zones along the both side of free throw lanes.

This was the end result! The basketball court was in shape!! Both of us were very satisfy and proud with our 2-hour hard work! Doesn't it look awesome? Gosh! I just love it! If not because of some technical problem, we would have drawn the 3-point line as well and the work would be perfect!

Anyway, it was considered as mission accomplished!! The project was a success and I really enjoyed it! It was a great experience!


  1. Damn, ur fren's house so big, can draw basketball court.

  2. hi! your fren's sis here. thanks for sharing details about this project!! and the pics! i can't wait to get home to play on the 'half-court'! thanks for your help also!!

  3. Toh - the place is just nice to fit in till 3-point line area, not that big after all.

    YC - No thanks please. I enjoyed the whole process. Your parents treated me dinner after the work and I also took away some papaya from your house! hahahaa... ^_^
    You really should come back home more often to play "half-court" with your brother... haha

  4. awesome, seldom can get experience like this , no bad.

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