Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Car Drifting Live Action @ Bukit Jalil

Can't think of any good topic to blog about recently. Suddenly I have the feeling that I may out of topic to write soon. Anyway, I just try to share some car drifting competition photos I took at Bukit Jalil car park area about 2 months ago when I was having my working attachment in KL.

Just happened that I used LRT back to Bukit Jalil Station and prepared to walk back to Savanna Condo where I stayed. Then very sharp tyres friction noise flew into my ears. Therefore I walked to the crowd and took a look on what happened.

It was a drifting competition! Before this I just saw car drifting in movies like Initial-D and Fast & Furious. Never see it live! It was very exciting when you see the cars were driving fast then suddenly made a turn and drift. It was just like the cars going to throw off! Not all the participants could perfectly drift. Those lousier skills would turn around half way they did the drifting.

Hardly saw nice cars in this competition. Mostly saw those old cars like E70 series Toyota Corolla with modified engine. The drifting caused a lot of noise yet it was a good experience seeing the live action!

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