Thursday, June 11, 2009

KL Ah Long Poster War

Recently if you pay attention on mainstream media, it is not too hard for you to see reports about "Ah Long" or loan shark. Police are now tracking down some of the "Shark heads" especially in Klang Valley area.

Ya! In my 2 months working attachment in KL, I did actually notice how open and rampant Ah Long's activities are in the metropolis. Ah Long's poster war can be seen everywhere, from housing area, shop lots to roadsides, road signs, flyovers' pillars or even on the tree's trunks.

A lot of them claiming that they are "Government licensed loan", but I am not sure how true is it. Maybe you can judge by yourself.

Some Ah Long will even calculate and plan for you how to pay the debt back. Ah Longs are smart and professional. The calculation shown to you really look affordable and not too hard to pay back. But I think there are still a lot of hidden charges and interest which are invisible to you. So please think twice. Furthermore, when you are already out of money, do you think you still able to pay back in short term?

Yeah! Ah Long sure will tell you it is "low interest". Most of the poster or advertisement will specify that. But after you heard so many stories about Ah Long and what happened to the debtors, you still believe that?

This one telling you that loan without any mortgage needed, "Borrow 1000 get 900 pay1000". No other condition?

"Borrow 1000 take 950 and low interest". Are you interested?

Some Ah Longs are advanced. They accept loan through sms...

Ah Longs' poster war...

This one has a well designed poster and looks very professional... don't you think so?

"Very easy to borrow..." and your information is confidential!

The tree became the victim of poster war...

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