Monday, June 8, 2009

A Farewell @ Mitsu Shabu-Shabu Restaurant

It is just another farewell lunch. This time, it was Grace who chose to leave the company to pursue a better future. As usual, our office would organize a simple farewell lunch just to show our appreciation and gratefulness for all her services and contribution to the company all these while.

Our choice of farewell lunch - Mitsu Shabu-Shabu Restaurant. It is a Japanese style hot pot eating establishment which is hardly found in Sibu. Thus, if you wish to go in a group, make sure you book first especially during lunch or dinner peak hours. Otherwise, you may go back with disappointment as you may not get a place to enjoy the foods.

We went there on peak hours, therefore the place was quite full with patrons. If not because we booked earlier, we might have no seats waiting for us. Each individual actually got their own hot pot recessed into tabletop. However, they were 12 of us but the table reserved for us is actually for 10 persons. I think no need for me to further elaborate that there were 2 pots needed to be shared.

Yeah! I was the one compromised and shared. I am not sure who were the other 2 sharing, but definitely not the one with higher hygiene level than others!

Our appetizers were 2 different types of fried noodles. First one looked like the fried noodles in Hokkien style which I ate in KL...

... another one should be translated as fried noodles in special Lisboa sauce (葡京面).

After the appetizers, it was time for the main dishes which consist of raw foods that need to be boiled in the hot pot. They consist of some vegetables, bean curd, salted vegetables, small portion of edible fungus, seaweeds, eggs with seafoods, beef slices, chicken slices or ham.

For the soup, it is either original or you can choose to add in hot and spicy or tomyam paste. I was sharing the pot with Jacky and we agreed to try out tomyam flavor. However, I think we didn't put enough tomyam paste into the soup which caused the soup didn't really taste enough "tomyam".

This is the sambal/sauce in belacan mixture which I like it quite well...

We also tried out some fried seafoods dumplings and it taste yummy!

I experienced to boil an egg inside the hot pot. This is how I did it! It was fun to see the egg boiling!

Somebody not satisfied as their stomach not yet fully filled. So we decided to order a plate of fried kueh tiaw in Indian style. It is actually fried kueh tiaw with chili and dried shrimp. Some complained that it was too spicy. As for me I felt it was just nice but I agreed that it was too salty.

For the drink, I tried this RM3.00 ice-blended chocolate with papermint flavor. It was cooling but the taste not really impressed me.

It was a great lunch. I didn't mean the foods but the opportunity we have to sit down together to have a good lunch. This is a rare opportunity. The lunch ended in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Grace had been working in this company for almost 4 years. All these years, she was the most quiet and soft-spoken person in the office but don't underestimate her, she may not as weak as some people may thought. It has been a pleasure working with her all these years, so I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely wish Grace all the best in her future endeavour and please don't forget us in the company.

P/s: Sorry for the poor quality of the foods photo because the table was too big so it was kind of hard for me to snap the foods in the near distance. Furthermore I guess my colleagues were too hungry that time so I couldn't selfish enough to ask them wait while I was snapping pictures on the foods, could I?

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  1. muahahahha... is Mr. G sharing with Lau? hahhahhahah... by the way, if grace reading this sure she will feel appreciated. She really soft spoken in the office. Never raise her voice. Hope she's happy and can pursue her dreams.

  2. Wish Grace all the best in future.

  3. Chamb... That's the last person you can think of to share! ;p


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