Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Biggest iPhone

This post not seems to be too interesting, but this was the biggest iPhone I ever met so far.

This giant iPhone was displayed at the lobby area of Pavillion shopping complex by Maxis when the telco was promoting the new iPhone 3G service provided by them towards the end of April this year.

I was in KL for my working attachment that time. That's why I bumped with it. It was not actually a real functional iPhone, but a monitor to display advertisement for iPhone instead.

According to my rough approximation, it was about 1:40 of the real iPhone.


  1. 妈的,如果能用的话偷回家放在房间,keypad用锤的,干。

  2. 拿去office显。。。给人羡慕到闭嘴!


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