Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Story of The Three Amigos Went Fishing

After experiencing fishing for the first time at Three Pillars farm last month, the 3 amigos seem fall in love with fishing already. Today, once again, three of them - Sparkish, PSToh and FoxKing went for fishing. Destination of their choice this time is not lake anymore. Maybe after the first time fishing on lake, they felt it was not challenging anymore. So, this time they tried near the riverside, somewhere at Sibu Town Square 2nd phase park.

Actually I didn't follow them. Heard they went there early in the morning, 7am something. I rather spend my time sleep more as it is weekend! I just hate to wake up early. However, I gave them some surprise by pay them a popup visit around 10am something. Well, just to inspect if they got any harvest after spending whole morning there because I "CARE" them.... yeah! Care with action and not with mouth only like "some people"! (If you confused what I mean for the last sentence especially about the issue of "care", you can just skip it. It only means for "some people") ;)

The 3 amigos not look to be too surprised with my sudden apperance. Maybe they were still praying hard to get some prey home. I shouted, "Get anything?". "Yes!", one of them replied to me and quickly show me the prey in a pail.

Guess who caught the fish? Yes! It was FoxKing!! If not the drain-fishing king a.k.a longkang king, who else! But the size of the fish? Well.... it's almost the same size as the one he got at Three Pillars Farm! No wonder he still remain his nick as longkang king! Hey! FoxKing! I think next time we better call you LongkangKing rather than FoxKing, agree?!?!

So, the fishing competition between the 3 amigos still leading by FoxKing with 2 fish, Sparkish 0 fish and PSToh 0 fish. Sparkish and PSToh still working hard, but I am sure with their passion and hard work, one day they will success and beat the longkang king!

I left the place after about 20 minutes while the 3 amigos continue waiting and waiting for a bigger prey. Are they gonna make it? We will see....


  1. We went riverside because it's free. After all, we caught nothing except the small fish by longkangking.

  2. muahahahaha... u all use roti lah or cha koi for river. haiyo,,,

  3. They already tried roti but still can't get...

    PS.. maybe you all should try catching prawn next time as advised by the passer.

  4. Longkangking using roti kena tat small fish, then all of us tried to use roti also, still caught nothing.

  5. next time i use Earthworm !!!!


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