Saturday, June 27, 2009

Personal Opinion on Transformer 2 Movie

Last night I went to watch Transformer 2 Revenge of The Fallen in cinema. Honestly I never felt so excited waiting to watch a movie before but I had been waiting for this movie for some ages already. There was an indescribable excitement and expectation inside my heart towards this movie probably because I like the characters too much!

No doubt, the movie was awesome and absolutely stunning with a lot of newly added Autobots and Decepticons! This is one of the attraction point of this movie.

I won't go into details about the story of this movie, I think you better get the excitement yourself. Basically it is just about Starscream was planning for rescue and revenge after Megatron being destroyed in the last episode. They finally managed to resurrect Megatron under the sea then started a series of attack and invasion onto the earth. At the same time, the Fallen, master of Megatron also seeking for revenge on the Matrix of Leadership that he lost in the old days. The matrix will be used to activate sun harvesters which is a machine using suns to power the AllSpark. If the machine is activated, suns will be destroyed then life on earth will be ended. Therefore, Autobots were working with human to protect the earth from being destroyed.

Just now I mentioned about newly added Autobots and Decepticons? Actually I was looking for their information few weeks before the movie was shown on big screen, that's why I have a very high expectation to see their real appearance in the film. Honestly, you hardly see how they actually look like on the net! Not trusting me? Ok, how about you try to google it.

It was the appearance issue that disappointed me the most in this film. No problem with the main robots. Optimus Prime is still as great. Bumblebee is even cutter and more emotional than the first episode. Remember he peed on a sector 7 agent in 1st episode? This time he cried and yes with tears! Ironhide and Ratchet still playing supporting role. Mudflap and Skids, the twin Autobots newly added to the movie were always naughty and hyperactive throughout the film, but how about Arcee? She suppose is the first appearance of female Autobots in Transformers movie which I really looking forward. Yet sad to say that she didn't have much chance to stay on screen and that's why even after the movie, I still not sure how she actually looks like. Same situation goes to Jolt, who is actually a blue Chevrolet Volt.

Jetfire was shown in details. He was a robot with "old man look" carrying a crutch on his right arm. He was Decepticon, yet chose to side with Autobots. Same goes to Wheelie, who is a remote-control monster truck who made the choice to stand with Autobots. He was a very cute little robot which brought a lot of fun to the story flow and definitely you won't forget him.

For Decepticons, Megatron and Starscream look pretty the same with the first episode. However if not mistaken Megatron had 2 alternate modes in this one - jet and tank. Why so? I really not sure as he could only transform to jet previously. Megatron was rusty because being thrown into the ocean after being killed in the last episode.

Constructicons rather disappointed me. Couldn't even see how Mixmaster, Long Haul, Rampage and Scrapper actually look like in robot mode. Demolisher and Devastator, two giant Decepticons were really huge and being shown clearer in the film. Ravage, the one eyed jaguar gave poeple a fresh look of Decepticions.

Despite the personal criticism above, the movie is really worth to watch as a whole. I will give 8 out of 10 for this movie.

P/s: One more thing... for those "buaya", Megan Fox was irresistibly sexy and pretty inside the film!!! Don't like robots? Nevermind... go to see Megan Fox!


  1. Megatron can transform into tank meh? I didn't realize tat. Sometimes it's abit hard to differentiate the robots during fighting scene.

  2. Nice film review, Wen. I will make sure jie fu read your blog... he has been waiting for his friend to buy ticket to watch, but till todate not done yet...

  3. Hi Wen, Jie Fu here. As you know I am a big big fan of the transformers. As for the movie, it did not bring the past comic character well. You forgot to mention Shockwave (dulu radio sekarang satelite/plane) and Ravage(panther but become 1 eye).

  4. PS > yes... I guess there was a scene Megatron transform to tank. The scene was too short maybe so is quite hard to catch. Furthermore you see Megatron's feet. It was tracks! I dunno why is it so. But he lost one of his leg in the last episode before human threw him into the ocean.

    However, hardly see Megatron transform in this movie. Towards the end of the movie, he transformed to jet with Starscream and flew away.

  5. Jie Fu > yeah! You are big fan of Transformers.. I knew that! So this movie is a must-watch!! I heard some Transformers fans not really like the movie because Michael Bay didn't really follow the original idea behind Transformers story, such as in the comic, Autobots will not ever engage human for the war between them and Decepticons, yet in the movie they are working with human to fight Decepticons.

    I did mention about Ravage but didn't elaborate it in details. It can be seen quite clearly in the film, but why single eyed?? Must ask Michael Bay about this... haha..

    Yes! Shockwave is a satelite. Not really see how it looks like because all the time he was attached to satelite to steal information from the earth.

  6. Honestly I did't enjoy alot watching this mv and I may miss some part of it. Not bcos of this mv is not nice, it's bcos there was a big head in front of me and it cover almost half of the screen! Imagine watching mv in such condition for 2+ hrs, damn!!!!

  7. As my opinion, I suggest more slow motion mode can apply to robot fighting in next episode if possible, because those fighting image was dazzling for me, just feel a ball of "iron" fighting in front of me, hahaha.... can I give 9/10 ? OMG..... nice movie.

  8. i watch it last Thursday and it awesome. Will be going again this week. But also have info there will be TF3 in 2011. Hahahahahaha.... But in cartoon Jetfire and Optimus do combine. About the fallen, seem like it look like Unicron where all the seedling are hatch for both Autobots and Decepticons.

  9. One more thing... didn't see Optimus Prime's face change to combat mode this time. There was only a fast scene showing Bumblebee face change to combat mode.


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