Friday, June 5, 2009

Chang Khim In Action @ Klang

In my 2 months working attachment in KL, I was lucky enough to meet Teng Chang Khim, the current Selangor State Legislative Assembly speaker from DAP. It is an open secret that he is one of my favorite opposition politician. Well, I guess it is not fair for me to call him "opposition politician" anymore because he is now sitting as the speaker of Selangor State Legislative Assembly which rule the state!

I like him for his sincerity and passion in his political life, low profile and speak out the truth. I first knew about him during 520 Sarawak state election when he was invited to give a political talk in a local DAP campaign which left me with a deep impression on him.

This time, when I was in KL, I was lucky enough to meet him twice in person. First time was on Wesak day. Teng was the special guest for a Wesak Day celebration event. Coincidentally I happened to be there and I was lucky enough to shake hand with him!

Beside met him in person, I also saw his official Selangor Speaker's car which is a black Toyota Camry with "Ahli Undangan Negeri Selangor" and "SPEAKER" badge attached in front of the car.

The next day, I met him again in Pasar Pagi Klang (Klang morning market). It was Mothers' Day on that day. Teng was giving away Carnations to the women visited the market.

Actually not only women received the flower, a lot of uncles also grabbed this chance to get the flower from Teng by claiming they wants to give it to their beloved wife! Nothing wrong with that right? Of course, they never wasted the chance to shake hand with the affable leader!

I think within half an hour, the flowers were finish distributed. I tried to approach him but failed because he was surrounded heavily by the crowd at that time. After finished distributing Mothers' Day flowers, Teng continued chit-chatting with the crowd and hawkers at the pasar pagi whereas I continued my visit to other part of the market.

p/s: Teng Chang Khim is a blogger as well! If you are interested in his blog, you can visit the blog titled Straightforward.

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