Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Hilux Roadshow @ Sibu Gateway

The Hilux Roadshow is held in Sibu Gateway from 5 - 7 June 2009. I visited the roadshow this morning just to feel the ambiance and situation over there and at the same time, wished to meet with some show girls if possible for some "buaya moment"(TM)!

For small town like Sibu, this roadshow is considered quite a "big scale" event with not only Toyota cars on sale, but also some other activities like test driving and activities for kids are held concurrently to attract more people to visit to this roadshow.

The highlight of this roadshow is the two Hilux used in Rainforest Challenge being displayed and shown to the public. They are actually a typical Hilux pickups, yet some modification had been done on these cars so that they are suitable for tough challenges.

Can you see its tyres? Is there any difference with the typical 4-wheel-drive? Ya! They are much tougher and rough!

First time I saw this kind of tyres. Quite amazing! Anyway, I think it is needed when driving in extreme condition like mud.

The exhaust had been modified so that it was higher than the rooftop and the water won't flow into it when the pickups were used to across river.

Although it is called "The Hilux Roadshow", but it is actually not for Hilux only. Other popular Toyota car models were displayed to the public as well.These cars include Toyota Avanza, Vios, Toyota Rush, ordinary Hilux and so on.

If you would like to test drive any of the toyota cars, you can do it as well in this roadshow. Just choose any of these cars that you wish to test drive...

Then register your particular at the registration counter...

Then you will have chance to test drive any of these Toyota cars...

If you bring kids to the roadshow, don't worry there are activities for children as well. They can play and jump inside this giant air-filled toy...

... or participate in some artwork using colorful sand.

For those who have interest to visit to the roadshow, you still have one more day to go. The roadshow will be held in Sibu till tomorrow. So grab the chance!

P/s: So sorry, there ain't any show girls in this roadshow, so I couldn't give you any "buaya moment"! Perhaps Toyota can consider this in the next roadshow at least to attract more "buaya" to come! ;p


  1. Choo... Sepang GT next month. Muahahahahahaha

  2. no show girl ?! anyway, i have no any expectation of Sibu show girl loh, no chance to buaya, hahaha....


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