Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Little Friendship Gathering in Kuching

This trip is not about visiting places of interest or spending leisure in resorts. We had no fancy schedule or routes, but we still manage to spend quality time together.

This is what our friendship is all about. Almost 12 years of friendship with everyone still feel close to each other is not something easy to achieve, especially when everyone has their own life, family, career and separated by geographical distance.

Flash back 12 years ago when we were taken by Unimas for a same degree course. From a total stranger somehow we got to know each other, slowly became close companions for lectures, assignments, dining and life sharing.

I believe there were actually sparks among some of us, but somehow the chemical reaction is not strong enough to form a new molecule. So we remain as what we are and who we are until this day.

Now, the brainy Anita is the mother of 2 and near to achieve her dream to become a lawyer or at least a legal adviser. Kayel is a going-to-be father of 2 and busy picking up his photography skills with his newly bought D7000. The pretty chabo PY is a successful news editor who gonna have her "living happily ever after" life soon. Baby face killer Chun still with his young look, but don't get cheated by his appearance because his roar can shake the earth! How about myself? Ok... I am still a tiny programmer cum a very amateur blogger who blog for interest but not for commercial (yet).

However I think our friendship is not about comparing how successful each other is, but we bless and proud of each others success. I guess that's one out of many factors that keep our friendship last until today. Comparing will cause jealousy which may spoil everything good in the way!

That's why for this gathering trip, there was no special event been arranged. We just follow our heart and some adhoc instinct on where to go and what to do. We just enjoyed and treasure the time to be together sharing and updating about our life.

I felt glad that in this trip, we had also visited Akuma and Linda. Akuma was my roommate for 2 years while Linda was our coursemate. Our last little gathering of 5 was on their wedding, which was about 2 years ago. Now, both of them had become the parent for a few months old baby boy. Feel glad to meet them back and my sincere congratulation to both of them!

Thank you everyone for every effort made to make this tiny yet great gathering a success. I truly appreciate this opportunity. Shall look forward for the next one soon!

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