Sunday, January 18, 2009

SATRIA Dinner 09 @ RH Hotel

Last night I was invited by a friend to a charity dinner named Majlis Makan Malam Amal SATRIA organized by Persatuan Triathlon Sarawak (SATRIA). It's an annual event for the association and my friend somehow has extra tickets and kind enough to invite me.

[The ticket]

It's quite a grand event and was held at RH Hotel Sibu. The VIP of the night was Menteri Muda Hal Ehwal Belia dan Pelancongan Sarawak (Assistant Minister of Tourism and Youth Affairs of Sarawak), Tuan Haji Hamden bin Haji Ahmad (Ok, I never heard about him before ;p ).

When I first entered the dinning hall, I felt a bit ashamed because most of the attenders (mostly Malay) were wearing very formal with Batik for men and Baju Kurung for women whereas I was in my casual wear with jeans and sports shoes. Luckily I was not the only one wearing so or else I might be chosen as "Man of the night" winner!

[A view inside the hall]

The event started with National Anthem singing! Sounds very patriotic but I didn't hear many people really sing the National Anthem! I did sing la... but with very soft voice.. paise ok? One thing I like about the dinner, there was a live band playing music including some live singing throughout the night!

[Everyone stood up for National Anthem singing]

The dishes? You can see from the menu below. Chinese style but is halal serving with hot plate combination, shark fin soup, chicken, fish, mixed vege and so on.

[The menu]

[Hot plate combination]

[Shark fin soup which look nice but tasted "so so"]

[Black pepper beef]

It was a very relaxing night with not much of political talking which really out of my expectation! The president of SATRIA Datu Abdul Ghafur bin Sharif even went up the stage to show his guitar and singing talent! He really cheered up the night with his good guitar playing skills and singing!

[SATRIA president with live band]

[Datu Abdul Ghafur showing his talent on stage]

Even the Assistant Minister himself were kind enough to went up the stage and presented a Malay oldies! He was so enjoyed with live band and vocal accompaniment accompanied his singing.

[Assistant Minister enjoyed the singing on stage with live band accompany]

There were also many lucky draws throughout the event, but I got nothing! Guess I am always not that lucky when come to lucky draw!

[Lucky draws session and the host of the event]

The event ended at around 10pm with a SATRIA logo printed t-shirt given to everyone as appreciation.

[SATRIA printed t-shirt as appreciation]

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