Thursday, January 1, 2009

Countdown & Happy New Year 2009!

I rarely participate in any new year countdown before as I didn't find any fun of it. Therefore usually I just do my countdown at home in front of tv.

However, this year it was a bit different. Last night I went for the new year countdown organized by Sibu Municipal Council at Sibu Town Square. Did not went there purposely but I became "bodyguard" to a friend of mine who attending the event as special invited guest (a.k.a. VIP). He was requested to wear Batik to the event just like what VIP always wear when attending official occasion. Therefore, I promised to accompany him as his "bodyguard" to the event so that he was more VIP-alike! ;p (You know, VIPs always have driver or bodyguard(s) walking beside them).

[My VIP friend busy entertaining phone calls and no time to take picture]

The actual countdown program actually started at 7.30pm but we only went there at about 10.15pm because VVIP of the event which is a local politician, Wong Soon Koh only scheduled to arrive at 10.30pm.

[The crowd enjoying the events]

We arrived there on time. Few minutes after our arrival, the VIPs and VVIP arrived at the venue as well. My VIP's friend and other VIPs and VVIP had been seated at the center of the town square facing the main stage. Because lack of invited guests wearing Batik attending the event and caused the prepared seats were mostly emptied, the seats later being opened to the public. I grabbed this good opportunity and took a strategic seating facing the stage.

[The crowd from another angle]

The program following the arrival of VVIP was really boring. What else? Of course it was time for them to give their political talks! First person giving the talk was Tiong Tai king, Chairman of Sibu Municipal Council. He's also one of the MP in Sibu area. Didn't really listen to his speech instead I just looking around if there is any pretty girls. The result was quite disappointing me.

[The countdown stage]

Then it was the turn of Robert Lau Hui Chew, a local politician, MP of Sibu cum federal Deputy Minister in Ministry of Housing and Local Government (toilet division). It was the most torturing moment for me the whole night! He chose to start his speech with his very-foochow-slang-and-almost-out-of-grammars Malay language. The content of his speech was even worse with full of self promotion and bagging Sibu people to keep supporting his political party. He also openly criticized Anwar Ibrahim and DAP although he did not dare to speak out who "political opportunists" he was referring to. But for a citizen who has that little political awareness like me, his speech was too mean!

[More crowd coming when midnight countdown was approaching]

Then it was VVIP, Wong Soon Koh's turn. He was the state 2nd Finance Minister cum Minister of Infrastructure Development & Communication of Sarawak. He has the best language command especially English among the 3 speakers because he was a former school's English teacher and principal. However, his slow-motion-word-by-word speech was a boring one and I almost felt asleep!

[Street dance competition]

After almost an hour, the torturing period finally gone! The following program was 10 finalists performing their dance in a street dance competition. It was a little entertaining especially the hot and loud music accompany the dancers. Their performance were ok only. Most of them were just trying to show their acrobatic skills rather than dancing with correct rhythm.

It was almost 12am when the dancing competition ended. So the special guests were invited to the stage for the final 10 seconds countdown to 2009. My friend didn't go up the stage. Maybe he realized he was just too little if compare to those VIPs who stood on the stage for the countdown.

[VIPs on stage for the countdown]

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Happy 2009 New Year!! The sky was painted with colorful fireworks! However, I am not sure if it is affected by economic recession, the fireworks didn't fly high enough and the show ended in less than 10 minutes!

[Fireworks show lighting the sky]

After the fireworks show, the event continued with more programs. However, my friend and I chose to go back home. Maybe we were too old already, the programs couldn't keep us to stay. I could see most VIPs were leaving the place like we did. Old people really can't stay too late! ;p

[The crowd after midnight]

On our way back, most main roads were jammed. You can hardly see such situation on normal day especially after midnight.

[Jammed traffic after midnight]

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone especially my blog supporters a very Happy 2009 New Year!! May health and wealth will be with all of you through the year of 2009!

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