Friday, January 30, 2009

CNY 09 Series - I Met Special Snacks

Yesterday evening Sparkish was kind enough to fetch me and Rojak Toh went visiting at another colleague's house.

Nothing much to share about the visiting but I found some snacks in my colleague's house were very unique and special which I hardly see in other houses that I had visited. That's why I snapped some photos about these very unique snacks which caught my attention. Well, may be some of you may not agree with me, but at least they were special for me. You can just treat me as a "Kampung boy's" talk if you like.

On top of the list, it is this vacuum-packed pork sausage. You ever eat this before? It tasted not bad. It's Singapore's product.

[Front view of vacuum-packed pork sausage]

[Rear view of vacuum-packed pork sausage]

Then, vacuum-packed BBQ dried-pork with cheese! I like cheese but never try eating dried-pork with cheese before. It tasted good!

[Front view of BBQ dried-pork with cheese]

[Rear view of BBQ dried-pork with cheese]

Vacuum-packed BBQ dried-pork. Nothing much special actually but it is convenient because you don't need to spend time to cut big piece of dried-pork into small pieces before it is served. (At least my colleague said so ;p )

[Vacuum-packed Bak Kua]

Well-packed ready-to-eat kuaci. The packaging looked nice, but the kuaci inside not really tasty.

[Well-packed ready-to-eat kuaci]

Various dried cuttlefish - My favorite!

[The red one look nice in color but not much taste]

Hershey's Kisses chocolate! Imported branded chocolate from USA, very thick chocolate taste! Yummy!

[Hershey's Kisses label]

[Hershey's Kisses chocolates - very yummy!]

Last but not least, these very mini and cute crispy sambal rolls! The size is just about 1/3 of crispy shredded pork that I made! It needs extra passion to do this!

[Mini & cute sambal rolls]

[Mini sambal rolls compare with my shredded pork rolls]


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