Friday, January 9, 2009

Yamcha Session At Bandung

Having a "Yamcha" session (tea time) with 2 colleagues just now, Sparkish and Rojak Toh. Sparkish suddenly came out with such idea few minutes before the working time off and he was kindly to give us a fetch!

The destination of our choice: Kampung Bandung or just Bandung, an eating place which was once the most famous yamcha destination in my secondary school era. However, due to more eating places had been set up over years, Bandung's popularity seriously dropped to the lowest.

When we were there at about 10pm, we could see still many empty seats not being filled up. Only at one corner of the place, there were more people eating while others mostly emptied!

[A view of Bandung eating place]

We chose to sit down in front of a Malay shop named Hanny Cafe. This corner was more quiet, well at least can get rid of those annoying shop owners fighting for business! We ordered drinks here but for foods, we chose random shops which provide the foods of our choice.

[Hanny Cafe - one of the coffee shop in Bandung]

[A random corner at Bandung which didn't have much visitors]

Sparkish ordered a ikan pari-pari bakar (Teppanyaki fish) covered with delicious sambal. It costs RM12.

[Ikan pari-pari bakar with sambal and lime juice (optional)]

For me, satay became my food of choice of the night. 4 batang for RM2. I ordered RM10, half of them were chicken satay and other half were beef.

[Beef and chicken satay with sauces]

Surprisingly Rojak Toh didn't go for rojak! He ordered a big plate of fried bihun which was not-nice-to-see yet not-bad-to-eat!

[Fried bihun]

Beside eating, our yamcha time also filled with a lot of laughter when we were discussing about the most weird man we ever met in life so far! (Well, maybe some of you may not know what this issue is all about, but it's something related to office gossiping thingy which I won't reveal further in this post) ;p

[An overview picture of foods]


  1. To be more precise, that fried bihun shud be called as fried "hung ngan", hehe...

  2. Next time opposite Rajang River, hahahaha....

  3. wei... u makan near to my house. hahahahaha...


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