Sunday, January 25, 2009

CNY 09 Series - Sky Still Dark

It is Chinese New Year eve today! As usual, I went to Sibu central market with mum early in the morning to buy foods for reunion dinner tonight.

When we reached town at about 6am, the market area already crowded with cars and people! You hardly see traffic jam as early as 6am, but this happened on Chinese New Year eve. Illegal parking made the jam even worse!

[The crowd & traffic early in the morning while the sky still dark]

Inside the central market, it was quite full already. Unlike normal day where you could mostly see only elder generation were busy bargaining for fresh vegetables, chicken and etc, but on this special occasion, even the younger generation who usually will only do shopping inside air-cond shopping complex were joining the "fun" of shopping at fresh market.

[Young generation also joined the fun of shopping at fresh market]

[View at a corner of Sibu central market early in the morning]

In my observation, there were few stalls which have the best business. On top of the list, is barbecued and roasted meat stalls! You could see people surrounded the stall to fight for their portion. Short people like me hardly see what is going on inside the stall as people won't give any space for you to take a look! Can you remember the picture of some poor Africans starving and when UN sent them foods, everyone surrounded the lorry and fight for the foods? Yeah! That exactly pictured what happened at barbecued meat stalls!

[BBQ meat stalls were among the most crowded]

No.2 is cold storage shops. You even hardly walk inside the shop as too many people inside there looking for their favorite cold storage foods!

[CCK cold storage shop was fulled early in the morning!]

Then no.3 is the oily fresh mee stall. I guess "cha mee" (stir-fry mee) or cha kueh tiaw plays quite important role in reunion dinner? Too bad I forgot to snap some photo about the fresh mee stall. Maybe I was looking at pretty girl at that time until I forget to take photo!

[These coconuts will be used to produce santan or coconut milk]

[Old and young at Sibu Central Market]

[A view at a vegetable shop outside the market]

The night market or pasar malam became pasar siang (morning market) as most stalls opened for 24 hours!

[A store at Pasar Malam selling decoration stuffs]

[Pasar malam or pasar siang?]


  1. 哇呵呵,一大早就去拍照啦,精神可嘉,不过今天我老妈竟然买不到叉烧肉,可能有点迟才到菜巴杀吧,可惜啊,我的最爱,不过还好有买到烧鸭,同样是最爱,啊哈哈。。。。

  2. Wen, gong xi fa cai to you...
    you so rajin, so many people also you take photos


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