Saturday, January 17, 2009

Preparation For Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Most Chinese families are now busy preparing for this biggest celebration in Chinese culture.

So as my family. Every year, around 2 weeks prior to the celebration, we will make some simple preparation for it. That explain why I was a bit busy for the past week as I was helping my mum preparing some snacks.

We made some simple snacks, such as crispy shredded pork or chicken rolls, and crispy seaweed snacks. Trust me, the process of doing snacks certainly not as easy as we thought. It needs high patient, dedication and skills, and it is time consuming.

[Making crispy shredded pork/chicken rolls]

[The final product]

Some guys may feel this is women's job and not suitable for them. Well, I would say this is a loser's thought. Why can't a man help even if it is really a women's job? Furthermore, it is not! Even my dad and myself were contribute to the process of making the snacks a success.

This is where the fun came in. The whole family sitting down, helping each others, then you will hear your parents sharing stories about their young time and also their life experiences. In normal days, you hardly have such chance as you will spend more time communicate with your computers than parents. At the end of the day, although you may feel tired, but you will satisfy with your hard work, then you build a better relationship with your parents and you learned one more skills in life which make you a better person, doesn't it good?

[Crispy seaweed snack]

Besides the 2 snacks mentioned above, every year we will fry some fish/prawn keropok too! It is one of my favorite! Yum Yum! Only have chance to eat this once a year!

[Fish/prawn keropok]

This one is also my favorite and only can taste once a year. The cashew nuts! I am drooling now!!

[Deep fried cashew nuts]

We prepared some deep fried peanuts as well.

[Deep fried peanuts]

This is part of my family's preparation towards Chinese New Year. How about yours?

p/s: By the way, this is the 100th post of my blog!! Hurray!


  1. hey guy, my mother also prepare the crispy shredded pork, but the shape not like you, just like the knot, I don't know how to describe, you know it !? My mother also do the shape as your before, but too take time, and change to tie shape,hahaha....

  2. wen, well done... me too, drooling to see all these nice food... hehehe


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