Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CNY 09 Series - First Day @ Sibu Airport

In my family, first thing we should do on Chinese New Year morning is eating "so mian" (Foochow slang) or "mee sua" (Hokkien slang) or string mee in chicken soup as it brings the meaning of longevity.

[Chicken soup "So mian"]

Then, I happened to go to Sibu airport on the first day of CNY. As expected, not many people were in the airport.

[A view at Sibu Airport on 1st day of CNY]

[Not many people at checking counter]

[A view outside departure hall]

However, still quite a lot of people either those working in peninsular Malaysia or study there were coming back on the first day of CNY.

[A view outside arrival hall]

Nothing much to write about Sibu airport, but I found this one quite interesting. I saw a super-duper sexy sport car in the airport! Sorry, I am not automobile fanatic, that's why I can't figure out what model of sports car is this. Maybe those know can tell me about it?

[I saw a sports car from far!]

It's not easy to see this kind of high class sports car in town especially in small town like Sibu. Waving road condition and curving roads make driving this kind of sports car a big challenge.

[The sports car was reversing and preparing to leave]

However, I salute this car owner as he dared to drive such a sexy car on Sibu road! I guess it must be belongs to a super-duper rich family because the car price itself is more expensive than a house which can be afforded by average families! Luckily I still able to grab the chance to take few snaps on this sports car to share with you all.

[The dark-blue super-duper sports car was leaving]

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