Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yang Yang Extra Lite At The World Sports

It was a rainy day when I accompanied a cousin of mine who was just entered secondary school to buy a badminton racket for school use.

We visited The World Sports Equipment Sdn Bhd, a sports equipment specialist shop which is located at Jalan Tunku Osman, just outside SMK Methodist, my former secondary school.

[Variety of badminton racket and shuttlecock to choose from but mainly were Yang Yang brand]

There are variety of badminton rackets to choose from in term of price, quality and brand depend on individual preferences with "Yang Yang" brand's leading the choices followed by Yonex.

[A giant badminton racket! I guess it is only suitable for King Kong!]

After spent some time in choosing the racket, finally we found this one quite worth the money. It was "Yang Yang Extra Lite #1" badminton racket which costs at RM139. Honestly, I don't have much experience in choosing badminton racket but for a secondary school student, I think this price range is good enough. Furthermore, the racket came with few free stuffs which is quite attractive!

1. Free string! Yeah, racket string may cost you more than 10 ringgits up to 20 ringgits or more but for this Yang Yang racket, the string is free for you.

2. Free badminton racket bag which can accommodate up to 5 rackets and it costs more than RM30 if you purchase it separately.

3. Free hand grip. Well, this one would not cost too much, just around RM5. Yet, who ever reject free thing right? The shop assistant on duty was kind enough to help apply it onto the handle.

Don't you feel a racket costs RM139 with these 3 free stuffs really worth the money? The racket is quite light which is made of high modulus graphite (seriously I don't know what is that mean ;p ).

As Yang Yang is the name of a legendary badminton player from China, therefore you can see his signature was printed on the racket.

If you ask me about its quality, well I would say never try you never know. Definitely Yonex is the leading brand in badminton sports but how you know Yang Yang can't be better with lower price if you never try it?


  1. hahahaha, you want to be Yang Yang mouthpiece or what ?!?! may be Yang Yang agent will send you a super racket for their brand promotion.

  2. Honestly... if with this kinda lousy writing still got manufacturers want me to promote their rackets, I really don't mind!! HAHAHA!!


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