Thursday, January 8, 2009

Funny Moment In Badminton Playing

This was something very funny happened when I was playing badminton with my badminton "kaki".

As usual, we played men's double. I was partnered with my buddy, Chun who has lightning pace and marathon stamina. As I am more dumb due to my body shape constraint, therefore Chun is considered my most ideal partner because he can always cover the court for me when i was slow by half-a-beat!

When I was about to make a very pretty netting stroke where the shuttlecock flipped over the top edge of the net and about to drop onto opponent's court, something funny yet memorable happened! The shuttlecock stopped and stayed on the top edge of the net and it did not want to drop!!

We all laugh till fall onto the ground! We had been playing badminton for years but that was the first time we met such incident - an incident which is hardly found in any of the badminton games!

As you can see from the photo above, the shuttlecock actually half-fall into opponent's court, but somehow it stuck on the edge! Later our opponent said that couldn't be counted. Ok lo... we were not "kiasu", so we served again and no point was counted lo... fair enough?


  1. can go buy 4D liao, really seldom meet this kind of incident leh.

  2. may i know where is this court locate..? Is it in sibu...


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