Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Personal View About Sibu Airport

Sibu Airport is among the lousiest airport in the state of Sarawak. I am saying this by comparing it with airport in some major town of Sarawak, such as Kuching, Miri or even Bintulu. These 3 towns have new airport, either renovated or totally new one. If you happened to use airport in these towns, you will have "KLIA-feel" because of its design and the airports are fully air conditioned.

[Outside view of Sibu Airport]

However for Sibu Airport, it is still look like how it is since official opening in year 1995 by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Yes! Anwar was still Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia at that time! I almost forget about that! Of course, I can't deny there were some changes done, but trust me, it's just a minor one!

[Sibu Airport was officially opened by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim in 1995!]

[Left view at ground floor inside Sibu Airport]

[Right view at ground floor inside Sibu Airport]

Until today, almost 14 years after its official opening, Sibu Airport is still partially air conditioner. The air-cond part only available inside departure hall. Maybe arrival hall also has, but other parts of the airport are fully "natural air conditioner". That's why you can feel the heat when you are inside the terminal building. Although the heat wouldn't be too serious, yet sometimes it can cause sweating especially when the outside weather is hot.

[Check-in scanning machines]

[Check-in counters]

In departure hall, there are only 2 immigration counters for immigration checking. 2 counters certainly not enough especially during peak period and you will see very long queue in front of the counters. I suggested more immigration counter should be set up during peak period, but I guess there is not much space for that... how sad!

[Air-conditioned departure hall with 2 immigration counters]

Another problem of Sibu Airport is that there is too few seating inside the airport compound. This can cause difficulty especially during peak period. Just like this afternoon where I happened to go airport again, I could see a lot of people hardly found seats to sit down and chit-chatting with their family members or friends before they leave to their destination.

[A lot of people couldn't find seat while waiting]

[Few rows of seats only inside the building]

I don't understand, there is actually a lot of spaces inside the airport area which is let emptied. Perhaps the authority should consider to put little more chairs so that people can have a place to sit down while waiting for their flight.

[View from 1st floor]

Just now did I mention about there is some minor improvement done on the airport? Ya.. first of all is this 2-floor lift! It was added to the airport building forgot in which year. Honestly, it doesn't have much help to normal people, but it's helpful for disabled or old people who having difficulties climbing staircases.

[The 2-floor lift]

The most recent improvement of the airport is the departures and arrivals information monitor which are now bigger, clearer and using flat screen.

[Latest flat screen departures or arrivals information monitor]

[Arriving hall]

[Emptied information counter]

[Restaurant which look normal and typical yet the foods cost double!]

I HEARD some RUMORS said Sibu Airport suppose should be renovated to "KLIA-feel" just like Kuching airport, but because of some conflict between some local politicians with some tycoon who may have contract for the renovation or rebuilding, thus "KLIA-feel" and fully air-cond Sibu Airport is just remain a dream for Sibu people.

[A view on 1st floor of Sibu Airport where AirAsia and Surau are located]

[A candy store at 1st floor]

[Taxi drivers occupying cafe's tables at ground floor]

[MAS stewards and stewardesses were changing shift]

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