Friday, February 20, 2009

Story Behind The 3rd Payment

Nothing much to share in this post. Just another boring stuff about my loan payback. You can just ignore it if you like.

I made my 3rd payment today. Still, I haven't receive any feedback or prove of my previous payments yet. I stated in my previous post My 2nd Payment that if they didn't notify me about this, I will either call or email them.

I made my call last week. Called on lunch time after 12.30pm but no body pickup. Normal la.. lunch time ma.. Ok, called again after 1pm. Same result but i still can accept because I realized that this is dealing with government. I knew how good their service are.

Called again about 3 something pm. The phone engaged. Kept trying for few times and finally somebody picked up my call. Finally! The operator passed my call to study loan division where a lady picked up.

Me: Cik, saya nak check status bayaran balik pinjaman saya.
The lady: You ada hantar cek kah belum?
Me: Dah! Dah 2 kali saya hantar.
The lady: Ape nombor fail anda?
Me: (Luckily I still remembered and I told her)
The lady: Ok, you tunggu sekejap. Saya pergi check. Bolehkah anda tunggu?
Me: Berapa lama? Ataupun nanti you call balik atau saya call lagi?
The lady: (After some hesitation...) Oklah... nanti you call balik, nombor ini... direct line (She gave me the number).

After about 10 minutes, I called back.
Me: Hello... Saya yang call tadi.
The lady: Ya ya... ada terima check anda, dua kali. Tapi saya tidak hantar resit dulu sebab hanya 2 kali saja bayar. Saya tunggu 3, 4 kali baru sekali hantar.
Me: (To double confirm...) Saya dah bayar 2 kali kan? Jadi hanya akan hantar resit lepas 3, 4 kali saya bayar?
The lady: Ya.
Me: Ok la macam tu. Terima kasih ya!

After the call, I felt more relief because at least I know they did receive my cheques and they were not missing in the space. Now I can continue with my consecutive payment. I will remember that lady's word... she said she will send me the receipt after 3 or 4 times I paid. Lets wait and see if he keep her promise. If not... I gonna look for her again!

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  1. wen,
    i think u better insist for the receipt now, how can you trust her word?
    If I were you, i will tell her that i am not confident and thus insist for a receipt now, anyway is already 3 times payment.


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