Sunday, February 22, 2009

Something Happened On Rejang River

I think the photos below explained or at least give you some idea why I mentioned before that one of the major reason of recent Sibu flood was caused by shallower riverbank.

[Speed boats trapped on the precipitated sand at low tide]

Can you see how thick the sand precipitated at the riverbank? When low tide, this is what happened to the small boats. I guess these boats can only move away when the high tide come. Poor boats! Honestly, I never see such situation before where the boats were trapped on the shore.

[Another trapped boat]

Initially I thought this is normal. I thought whenever there is low tide, the boats will surely trapped. Until I read a local newspaper today reporting that the water level at Rejang river abnormally decreased and the wharfs were seriously dry out, then I just realized this is some abnormal phenomenon. Nobody can explain why as this situation never happened before. Perhaps this is another sign of human irresponsible activities had causing harm to the environment!

[Today's newspaper reported about the abnormal water level decreased in Rejang river]

As a conclusion, shallower Rejang river is a fact that nobody can deny. This is the main reason of frequent flooding in Sibu. Photos above only show a very minor part of precipitated sand in the river. In the mean while, abnormal low tide is something we may also need to pay attention to.


  1. 你不要跟我讲你特地跑去拍两张照片,然后回家。

  2. 不是啦。。 那些照片是我在报纸刊登的前一天拍的。。
    那天刚好经过。。 看到水很低。。 就把它拍下。。


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