Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Curry Kampua @ Lane 13 Seafoods Coffee Shop

About a week ago I heard a colleague mention about curry kampua at a coffee shop somewhere near Oya Road. I was quite curious about it because even though Sibu is famous of its kampua mee, but this is the first time I heard about curry kampua.

[Outside view of Lane 13 Seafoods Coffee Shop]

Last night I got a chance to yamcha with a friend at the coffee shop. The shop name is quite unique - Lane 13 Seafoods Coffee Shop. I guess it must be the shop is located at 13th lane of Oya Road.

[Tables outside the shop were fully occupied]

We reached there around 9 something and noticed quite a lot of tables were occupied. We looked for a fengshui table to sit down and just before my buttocks touch the chair, a lady already came over to ask for order. "What you want to eat? Curry kampua?" asked the lady. Now we can assure that we were at the right place for the famous curry kampua!

[The curry kampua taukeh and his helpers]

Without much thought, my friend quickly ordered one as he is a kampua fan (I guess most Sibu people are!). As for me, I was considering.... Don't get me wrong! I am origin from Sibu and that makes me a big kampua fan as well! Just that I was hesitate to take heavy supper because that may boost up my already-rounded stomach!

Anyway, I still go for one. I was too curious how a curry kampua would look like, taste like and why it is so famous! When the kampua reached our table, honestly not much surprise I gained.

[A plate of curry kampua]

It was just look like a normal kampua with some curry covered on it, that's all. Well, at least that's what I feel. The taste? I would say not much surprise as well. If you know how kampua taste, then just imagine you eat kampua and curry at the same time.

[Closer look at the curry kampua]

Anyway, the curry tasted quite nice. It was not hot or spicy, but sweet! The mee is thicker and bigger than normal kampua mee.

Honestly, I am not too impressed with this curry kampua but I doesn't mean it was not nice. In fact it tastes good, just that the way of cooking curry kampua didn't give me much surprise rather than kampua covered with curry.

Anyway, if you never try before, you should have a try! Maybe you will like it as most people do and that may explain why it is so famous! Just like my friend commented, "It was nice. At least this kampua taste diffrent than a typical one that we used to eat!"

[Nice looking glass containing teh-o ice]

The price? RM2.20 a plate. Fair enough right? But the drink cost a bit expensive. A Milo ice and a teh-o ice costed us RM3.30.


  1. The curry kampua tasted not bad, mayb Im curry lover :P

  2. that curry like.... like.... like something... (*^__^*) 嘻嘻……


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