Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Flood Compensation Form

I had been given this form by my colleague today. It's so called flood compensation form given by trusted source I guess.

Last week when our DPM Datuk Seri Najib visited Kuching and announced that flood victims in Sarawak will be compensated accordingly, I was doubt, yeah.. very doubt in fact how to measure "flood victims". I guess this form provided some clues to that.

There are 3 major sections to fill in this form and I have some question about them.

Section A - Household's head information. Ok, this won't be a problem. Just fill in name, IC number and telephone number.

Section B - Flooded area information
. This seems to be a bit problem. Among information you need to fill in:
  1. Nama Kampung (village name). How about if the victim is not staying at kampung area? Or whoever prepared this form trying to imply that only kampung area will get flooded?
  2. Alamat (Address). This should be house address.
  3. Jumlah Isi Rumah (Total house members). I am doubt if this information is necessary. Is that mean if one has more people staying in a same house the compensate money will be higher?
  4. Paras Air (Water Level). What unit should I use to measure the water level? Reaching knee? Reaching neck? Reaching car park? or 1 feet, 2 feet etc? How you know if I simply write a measurement?
Section C - Certification from Penghulu/Ketua Kampung/Kapitan. This is a big problem. I guess not many people knew who is the Penghulu/Ketua Kampung/Kapitan at their area. So where you gonna find these people to certify for you?

The form also specified that the applicants should attach a photo of flood scene at their own area. Abang... how about those from poorer family who already face difficulties in daily life and you expect them to have camera to shot the flood scene at their place? Or if somebody forgot to take a shot on the flood situation at their place, they will be declined as flood victim even half of their house was soaked in the water during flood?

Actually I am not against the idea of compensation but I am unsatisficed with lack of proper instruction on how to make the claim by local authorities. Even the claim form itself is not taken from official channel! I am sure still a lot of real flood victims out there not even know the existance of this compensation! That's really bad!

Then, after fill in the form, where to hand in it? When and how compensation money will be made? Big question marks on head!

Whoever responsible for this should at least well inform the public by publishing it through local newspapers with clear instruction how to fill the form, where to hand in and when and how the compensation will be made and etc.

Rumors said families "affected" by flood will be compensate RM300 and if the water reached into the house, the families will be paid RM1k. Not sure about this because we never being informed!

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