Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine's Thought

It is Valentine's day today! A big day to all the lovers and couples on earth but just another day to single & available (S&A) individual.

A S&A guy like me won't have much to do on valentine's day except hanging around the town to feel the ambiance of the celebration. The environment is great with romantic feeling everywhere. Some restaurants had been decorated nicely to welcome the lovers who want to spend a romantic night at their premises. Special gifts also being prepared to attract more customers to their restaurant.

However if you look at the pricing for valentine set meal, you MAY get shocked. Some sells at RM99.99. Some lovers may say, "one year one time so the price is acceptable". Some might feel love worth more than that! So, it worth the price. Oh God! Maybe this is what people called the power of love, it is more complicated than rocket science for a single guy like me!

Plush dolls especially teddy bears and chocolate became a common form of valentine gift nowadays. I am not sure why plush dolls, perhaps it is because they look cute and have "heart-melting" effect for girls. Chocolate I guess is the symbol of sweetness as chocolate itself is very sweet. Yet, don't take too much because it may cause diabetic and obesity.

That's why I felt Valentine's day is too commercialized nowadays. Since when plush dolls and chocolates became a must for this celebration? I think only those doing related business can give us the answer.

Flowers price especially roses and lilies which is lovers' favorite was double or triple up during valentine. Nevertheless, that never stop people to buy those flowers to their love one. Maybe flowers really mean a lot to the couples? Ahhh! Another rocket science for me!

A rose which costs RM2.50 to RM 3 at normal day may cost RM8 or even higher price during this valentine's day. Yet this is not an excuse for a guy not to buy flowers to his love one because if he did so, he will be categorized as unromantic and the most stingy creature on earth!

However, I feel that if a girl use flowers as a measurement to determine whether the boyfriend loves her or not, it'll be a childish thought. Oh! Sorry for girls... I am a single guy, sometimes it's really too hard for me to understand the power of roses!

Anyway, can't deny that Valentine's Day is a very romantic day especially for those who already found their love one. I will prefer if the lovers can treasure and appreciate each others everyday and not on the Valentine's Day itself. If everyone can do so, then everyday will be Valentine's Day even there is no roses or teddy bears!!

Wish all the lovers on earth, Happy Valentine and have a sweet and romantic moment on this special day designed for yours!


  1. 你去哪里拍这么多花的照片啊?!老板娘心里想,这个小子,不买还拍拍拍,哈哈哈。。。。可怜。。

  2. 不管。。。 我厚着脸皮拍。。


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