Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CNY 09 Series - Chap Goh Meh @ Tua Pek Kong Temple

Happened to go to Tua Pek Kong temple on Chap Goh Meh after the "reunion" dinner. Heard there will always be a lot of people praying at the temple during 1st and 15th day of every month in lunar calendar, not to mention it was Chap Goh Meh last night.

When I arrived at the scene at about 7.30pm, the place was crowded with people either went there for praying, attending special Chap Goh Meh stage performance organized by the temple or just be there to feel the ambiance of the great celebration environment at the temple (I am one of it). The temple including the 7-storey pagoda was decorated with thousands of bulbs and lighting as well as tanglung which made the surrounding really look great on this special occasion!

The people went there for praying really shocked me. Honestly, I never being to the temple on big day like this. All these while I just heard people saying "there are many people" but I am not sure what is the definition of "many" until last night when I experienced it myself.

No matter inside or outside the temple, there were unstoppable people moving in and out of the temple performing religious praying until i found difficulty to enter the temple through its main entrance as people were bringing burning incenses in their hands. If you are not careful enough, you may get burned by it.

I always said... I am not the only person taking photo at the scene. Same with last night. With such great environment, it certainly attracted a lot of professional or semi-professional photographers went there to take the best shots. I could see most of them were carry a camera bag as well as a very big and expensive camera with tall flash and big lens in their hands. I prefer to call these people "professional photographers" as for me they really look like one.

I think I might be the only not-even-an-amateur "photographer" who treated myself like a true "photographer" busy looking for good angle to make the best shot. Maybe because I didn't wear like a photographer, didn't carry a photographer's bag and also using an amateur Canon camera, therefore I could notice that a lot of people stared at me like I am a alien coming from the planet of Mars trying to shot their handsome or pretty faces.

Perhaps next time if got chance, I should get myself a more professional-look camera so that at least when I am taking photo, people will feel the proud of being shot rather than staring at me like I am a photo-thief! ;p

At the stage just beside the temple, there were entertainment performances going on. I think I don't have to mention about the crowd, the photos are self-explanatory.

First I saw lion dance performance, a red and a green lion dance. Followed by that, is the techno-dance by the 2 lions together with 3 "Chinese smiley face clowns". This is special, I never saw lion dance in techno music! It was kind of cute and at the same time very entertaining!

After this special and entertaining performance, it was Chinese Kungfu martial arts performance.

Nothing much to say about the Kungfu performance, a good show and their Kungfu skills were definitely much more better than Kungfu Panda! ;p

There was no more nice program after that, just some singing by the local singers and that couldn't attract my attention. Therefore I better went back home. Outside the temple compound, the road was quite jammed.

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