Friday, February 13, 2009

A 9 Years Old Programmer

I was quite impressed with this article. Thanks for a friend who forwarded a link to me about a 9 years old programmer. For me it is quite unbelievable but this is true!

The kid's name is Lim Ding Wen - a Malaysian boy but I think stays in Singapore. He created a finger drawing program called "Doodle Kids" run on iPhone for his 2 younger sisters who love to draw! The application allows users to draw on iPhone screen using fingers and clear it just by shaking the device.

His father is a chief techology officer in a firm dealing with iPhone application as well.  The article also stated that in the age of 9, Lim already fluent in six programming languages. He first started exposed to computer in the age of 2, discovered programming when aged 7 and already completed more than 20 programming projects since then!

Gosh! I was really shamed when read about this. Lets imagine what you have done in the age of 2? Still drinking milk and playing with toys maybe. At the age of 7? Knew nothing but just entered primary one. Did you ever think what age you started touching computer? For me, I think 18. Then when I first eyes-opening with what programming is, I was more than 20 years of age already! 

What a shame!

To read the full article click on this link - "Nine-year-old writes iPhone code".


  1. Here is the "Doodle Kids" code, really talented kid.

  2. boy genius.. i have always been a dumb at these things..


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