Friday, February 6, 2009

Flood Again N Again

If I ask, what is the recent hottest table topic or kopitiam topic on town? Some may not hesitate to say "BN took over Perak administration"! Yeah, maybe it is right, but not for Sibu people. The hottest table topic for Sibu people recently is "Sibu flood again"!

Nothing worried Sibu people more than flooding! Just like this afternoon around 4pm, a colleague of mine received a call from somebody telling him that water overflown again and some places already flooded. He then told us about it.

First listened, we were doubt about it as morning's flood just reduced drastically in the noon time. Nevertheless, we still took an observation from 5th floor of our office. We noticed that some roadside really covered with water already.

Then we took a look at the motorcycle parking place just below the office building... gosh! water raising!! Our motorbike was in the water! My colleague and I quickly went down to move our motorcycle to a higher place. No doubt, my shoes got wet but not a serious one thanks to my colleague Sparkish who lent me a hand!

Then, I discovered that the water kept overflown from the drain with shocking speed. Within 10 minutes or so, the road was covered with water. When I went back to the office to report about this situation, the whole office became a bit panic. Flooding already became a sharing nightmare to all of us.

Our manager was kind enough to let us go few minutes earlier than normal off time to avoid from trapped in traffic jam especially those driving car.

Before I went back, I stopped at few frequently flooded area in town to take a look at the situation over there. In Jalan Khoo Peng Long, I found this interesting scene. A father brought his son to play with overflown Rejang river water in the middle of the road!

Of course a typical kid from town was more than happy playing with such a huge pool of water! The photo proved how happy he was!

However the dad did take care of the son. He always keep an eye on him and when there was vehicle coming, he would bring his son to the roadside.

Haven't I tell you that Sibu Bomba building will never escape from flooding? Yeah! It's proved again! Whenever flooding, the fire engines have to be moved out and parked at the roadside. How pity!

Some fire brigades soaking in the water within the Bomba building compound chit-chatting about something. I think they already used to this kind of situation. Although flooded, they still have to standby for any emergency.

Jalan Central - one of the major road to town center also a frequent flooded area. As it is a major road, thus once flooding, it will cause serious traffic jam.

In the previous post, did I told you that I am not the only one taking flooding photo ? Ya! This time I caught a pretty girl busy snapping flooding photo at Jalan Central!

Some shops at Jalan Central were flooded and I guess they will have to close the shop earlier.

Flood! Shared nightmare for Sibu people!!

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  1. 不客气不客气,不过还好跑得快,不然就塞死我了。


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