Sunday, April 12, 2009

PC Fair Show Girls Brighten The Day

Who said be a blogger is easy? Well, I think it depends on what kind of blogger you wish to be. As for me, I will call myself some sort like a "on scene blogger", you are at the scene to shot photos before you write something about it on your blog. Definitely it's not easy to be an on-scene blogger. You really need to put on a lot of efforts in order to please your readers.

Ok, this post is exclusive for my blog readers who had support my blog all these while! In view of desperate needs of my blog readers for more pretty show girls or so called "leng loi", today I went to "sardine" kind of packed PIKOM KL PC fair again to try out my luck.

The situation today was even worse than yesterday! It's too hard to walk from one place to another and if you missed a place, then turning back will be a big challenge! Furthermore, I was carrying my 5kgs bag on my back and at the same time I needed to aware of pocket-pickers! That further restricted my moving.

You should feel lucky, with this kind of hard situation I still manage to shot some class A's show girls! Certainly it was a tiring and exhausting piece of works! But, for my readers, I felt worth it! Do enjoy!

[One of the lenovo show girl smiling at my camera!]

[Show girl promoting Lumix series of camera]

[Panasonic show girl]

[A4 tech show girl posing with a A4 tech wireless mouse]

I also met with some cosplay girls at the pc fair. Heard this year not much cosplay can be seen. I didn't meet any on the first day, but lucky enough to bump with 2 this afternoon. They were wearing quite sexy cosplay costume mimic the characters in one of the online game.

[2 sexy online game cosplay girls posing]

Now come to the best shot of the day! A very pretty and cute show girl at level 5 of exhibition hall. Didn't I told you just now if you miss a place then it's hard for turning back? Ya! I only managed to shot her photo when I made the 2nd round of my visit this afternoon! In the first round she was too busy attending to the crowd.

See how friendly she was? She even made a victory sign when posing in front of my camera! So cute of her! Should I copyrighted this photo? ;p hahahaa... Anyway, I really feel lucky i was able to shot her pic!

[Cute and pretty show girl - my best shot of the day!]

At the end of the day, this is how I felt - tired, exhausted, legs pain, back pain, hungry and thirsty! Really not easy to be an on-scene blogger!


  1. The girl in best shot of the day is nice~~ Good job!

  2. nice job... i wish i can take all those photos too. :p

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