Sunday, April 5, 2009

Giant Burger @ Carl's Jr

There are plenty of western fast foods restaurant around KL area. The most common one will be KFC, McDonald and Pizza Hut. But have you ever heard about Carl's Jr.?

Honestly, I had no idea what this restaurant is all about until one of my colleague, Chamb brought us to the restaurant to have lunch. What he told me is just "the burger is very big and you could hardly finish it! It worth the money!". I couldn't imagine how big can it be thus last Friday we went to the Carl's Jr. restaurant in Pavillion to have a test.

Being a rookie to the restaurant, I was reading through the menu on the wall, yet I couldn't figure out what and how the menu set would be. Before I managed to digest the menu, it was my turn to place order. Errr... I still looking up and down on the menu, finally I simply made an order, a combo set which was more affordable to me. "Superstar", I told the worker. Then the worker further asked me, "Big or small?". What he meant by that? I guess should be the drink. So I replied, "small".

He then gave me an empty paper cup, a small one - standard KFC or McD small size drink's cup. Besides that, he also gave me a number plate with number "58" written on it so that I could take a sit while waiting for my order.

"RM16.75", he told me. The combo set supposed to cost at RM15.95 but 5% of government tax was added on it. So, I paid the money and looked for a strategic seat to sit down.

With the empty cup, I then went to take my drink. The drink is free-flow thus you can drink as much as you can! However, not much choices on drinks, all were soft drinks.

The foods were delivered to us after about 10 minutes of waiting. My eyes were focus on the burger, "Wow! It is big!", I was quite amazed with the size of burger. It was almost twice the size of the burger you can get in McD.

I started to drool when I saw the cheese and double layer beef inside the burger! "Now I know why it is called Superstar!". Yeah.. it is really superb with whole piece of cheese, 2 layers of beef, tomatoes and vegetable in between 2 slices of burger bread!

"Emm... it is yummy!". However it was quite hard to handle the burger with your palm as the beefs inside would slip away! Furthermore, you need to open your mouth real wide so that you could take a proper bite on the burger!

I was very full after eating the giant "Superstar" double beef cheese burger. One of my colleague even felt hard to finish the burger. That's not end of the story, I still left some fries which I need to finish it or waste it. Luckily the fries was in small portion and I managed to finish all of them!

Oh man! I was really full at the end of the meal. I was undecribable satisfy with it and I agreed with Chamb... "It worth the money!".

I found some quite interesting slogan used by the restaurant. Maybe you should take a look. They are quite meaningful...

"She'll tell you size doesn't matter. She's lying."

"Monsters do exist".


  1. allo my fren, hahahahaha... seems like that you all enjoy the food so much that day. Just nice to hang out with bunch of fellow colleague for lunch. But that day, really all become a big python snake which just ate a cow. Hahahahahaha.... Next time try the monster lor...

  2. If wanna try the Monster, I guess better 2 person share one.. unless we starved for whole night! ;p

  3. Try monster next time, maybe no need eat dinner later, nice...


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