Sunday, April 19, 2009

When LRT Broke Down...

Queuing for Lihom's concert? Or a football match?

No! You are definitely wrong! This is what happened at KLCC LRT station when the train having major technical problem with the automatic train control station. Just happened I was there to take train heading to Wangsa Maju after work last Friday.

The queue was too long and the place was packed till it was hard to walk through that area. Imagine, KLCC LRT station is one of the busiest station. Then, the broken down was happened during the most peak hour. I think it was not hard to imagine what will happen!

I heard Putra LRT always facing such technical problem from time to time. As LRT has become one of the major public transport for metropolitan, I hope authority concern should really be more sensitive about this issue and take necessary action to solve the problem for good.

Otherwise, this kind of situation can really bring a lot of incovenience to the people especially those use LRT as their major daily transport.

As for me, I never expect I would be one of the victim to the poor LRT system as I just being here for a month. Maybe I should consider myself as "lucky" for meeting it when i was about to use it. It certainly brought a lot of trouble to me and as the result, I was forced to walk for a long distance and used bus to my destination which wasted me more than 3 hours!



  1. wen, this lrt problem occurs a few times a week sometimes, especially in KLCC station...where the crowd is huge.. it has been a norm already..kind of like fed up with it!

    sometime, it's not technical problem, but the Lrt personnel trying to control the crowd from going down to the platform, konon-konon they help us to organise so that crowd will not be too huge... i think it's just a crab


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