Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Anything... Whatever!

What you plan to drink today? Anything? Whatever?

Ya! Sometimes we have such doubt. We are undecided what to drink. But no worry now... because you can just order Anything or Whatever when you face such problem!

This is the idea from a soft drink manufacturer in Singapore. I heard about these soft drinks for quite some times already through mass media. Last week I just happened to meet them in a 7-Eleven shop. Thus, I decided to buy one to have a try what the drink is actually about!

"Anything" is actually a carbonated drink. I was quite curious about the flavour inside the can. I was thinking maybe the taste is other from others, that's why it is so special!

I couldn't wait to open the can then suck the liquid inside with a straw. "Emmm... the taste is so familiar...", I was thinking. After some thought, I just realized that it was actually the taste of orange soft drink, you know the taste of those F&N or Mirinda orange? Then, what is so special about it?

After I asked one of my colleague, I just realized that actually the drink inside has nothing special. It is just an ordinary soft drink. What make the drink special is the idea that you never know what is the flavour of your drink until you open and try it! It is the concept that make this drink unique but not the content itself. I think it suits the name "Anything" and "Whatever".

According to the offical manufacturer website, "Anything" comes with six flavours, Cola, Cola with Lemon, Apple, Fizz Up, Cloudy Lemon and Root Beer.

But did you notice that there is no Orange flavour? The one I got was orange flavour! If you look at the can carefully, the printed flavours are Apple, Cola, Orange, Root Beer, Fizz Up and Cloudy Lemon. There is no Cola with Lemon. That's why I am a bit confused. Is it because of website information not up-to-date or local adaptation strategy applied by the company? But if the latter is the main concern, I will wonder since when Malaysian became the big fans of Orange drink?

In contrast to "Anything", "Whatever" is non-carbonated series of drinks. The concept is the same, "whatever's concept", you want whatever, I give you whatever. So, until the moment you drink it, then you will know what is the actual flavour in it.

The one I got previous day was a Jasmine Green Tea flavour. Still the same old saying, nothing much special and surprising about the drink, just the concept that kicked my curiosity.

"Whatever" series comprises of 6 flavours as well, namely Ice Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, White Grape Tea, Apple Tea and Chrysanthemum Tea.

The drinks priced at RM1.90 respectively in 7-Eleven convenient shops, slightly expensive than the ordinary soft drinks such as Cola-Cola and Jasmine green tea. It is a drink which worth a try especially for those who love to try their luck or looking for more surprise in life!


  1. Tried this before, actually the drink itself is not so special.

  2. Wen, I tried this before too. It was brought from S'pore last year by jie fu's cousin brother who's staying in S'pore. It is name such because a lot of people when u ask them what u want to drink, they will just answer "shui pian / anything!" smart concept of doing business, huh!


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