Friday, April 10, 2009

Broken Glass Table

I couldn't believe my eyes! This was what I saw this morning when I walked out from my room and ready to go for work with my other colleagues. The full glass table in the living room actually broke into pieces!

I couldn't hide my shock. "What the hell! What happened?", I shouted. Sparkish told me the table was broken! He then further explained to me what was happened actually.

Actually this morning, he cooked a bowl of instant noodles and put it on the table. He was about to sit down on sofa and enjoy his breakfast. In a split second, without any sign, suddenly the table broke. Before he could do anything, his bowl fall onto the floor and one of his leg was cut by the broken glass.

"Luckily", the cut was neither too big nor deep. But that couldn't avoid him from bleeding. The blood flown onto the floor. Sparkish was cool, without any panic, he stopped the bleeding by himself and still managed to clean the place before we were ready to go for work.

[Still some blood stain on the floor although Sparkish had clean it]

I think the main cause of the whole incident is not because putting hot bowl onto the glass table and caused the crack to the glass, but it was because the table was made from lousy glass quality. Lets imagine you couldn't even put a cup of hot coffee or tea on the table, then what's the use of buying that table?

Thanks God nobody was severely injured in this incident despite Sparkish had a cut on his leg.


  1. hmmm, Sparky gotta pay for the table liao, haha.

  2. must be some really low class glass lah...

  3. 受难日嘛,我帮你们赎罪啊,还要我陪,淦,哈哈哈。。。。

  4. "God" shall forgive ur sin, Sparky.


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