Monday, April 27, 2009

Fish Leong In Person @ Berjaya Time Square

I met Fish Leong in person today!

[Fish Leong interviewed by the host, Jiang]

Ya! She was attending an event at Berjaya Time Square. Coincidentally, I passed by there on my way back to the condo I stayed in Bukit Jalil.

[Fish - the ambassador for Cenosis slimming center]

She was actually attending an occasion organized by Cenosis - a slimming company where Fish Leong became the company's ambassador for more than 5 years already. The emcee was Jiang Pei Pei, a former AiFM deejay.

[Fish Leong on stage with her yellow boot]

The event started by the emcee interviewed Fish on how she maintain her body shape and her beauty. Fish was wearing a striking Yellow boot which gave me the impression of why she used Phua Chu Kang's boot on the stage. Even the emcee also made a joke of it, "Why you wear Phua Chu Kang's shoes? Must be you know KL will flood!". HAHA! It sounds logic right?

Anyway, after I saw it clearly, actually the boot is a high heel yellow boot but not the Phua Chu Kang type of striking yellow rubber safety boot!

Just a short session on this. Then it was followed by question and answer session. In this session, the audiences were invited to the stage to ask Fish any questions related to beauty and also the secret how Fish can keep her beauty even though she is busy.

[One of the Fish Leong fans club member wearing "I Love Fish" printed t-shirt asking question to Fish]

Some Fish's fans even wore the t-shirt with the word "I Love Fish" printed on it. These group must be true fans to Fish. Most of the participants were requesting for taking photo with Fish after they asked their question. Fish was sporting enough to agree with the request and posing nicely in front of the camera. So sweet of her!

[Fish kindly accepted the request to take a photo with a participant where Jiang became the temporary photographer]

Sometimes upon request, the emcee Jiang was asked to be temporary photographer of the person went up to stage to ask Fish questions. Jiang was nice enough to help up but I am not sure if the photo she snapped clear or not. ;p

[Fish prepared to sing]

After the Q&A session, Fish Leong was requested to sing some songs to the audience. She sang 2 songs, all from her new album. The first song was “没有如果” which recently you can listen from the radio quite frequently. Very nice song.

[Fish singing on stage]

The second song was “属于” also from her latest album. Her voice was really nice! She was singing live yet the quality was just like you listen to her singing in CD! However, the unproper sound system disturbed Fish performance a bit. There were few times she was asking the staffs on duty to louder the music or adjust the on stage loud speakers so that she could hear her own voice better.

[Fish was given a bouquet of flower towards the end of the event]

Anyway, I really felt good to see Fish Leong in person! She is one of my favorite lady singer and I love most of her songs. The only thing regreted is I couldn't stand nearer to see her even clearer!

Sorry... the photo quality may not as good due to zooming in.

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  1. 瓦啊哈,你看到梁静茹了。


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