Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SEED Fashion Show @ Sungei Wang Plaza

Nothing much to share here actually. Just some photos about a SEED fashion show I met at Sungei Wang shopping complex last weekend. I know a lot of "buaya" out there are hunting and looking for pretty girls or handsome guys. Here they are!

However if you are looking for young and beauty type, these photos definitely won't be your choice. These are professional models. They were mature, smart, confident, stylist and sexy.

Anyway, because of the shortage of my camera, I couldn't take much quality photos on that fashion show. Most of the photos were blurred due to my zooming in and hand shaking. I noticed that among standing nearest to the stage, I was the only one with the most unprofessional and lousiest camera! What a shame!

But in view of the welfare of my dear blog readers, I thicken my face and shot like "there is no tomorrow"! ;p After all, who care? Others with extended camera lenses were even busier taking photos than me!

The fashion show was just a short one. When I managed to go down from upper floors to ground floor, the show almost ended. Thus, not much photos to shot actually.

Anyway, do enjoy and appreciate these photos. They were not taken easily! Enjoy your time looking at these professional models!

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