Friday, April 17, 2009

Chilli Cheeseburger?

Lazy... sleepy... full... bulged... these words best described my feeling at the moment after came back from lunch at Carl's Junior! Ya, my colleagues and me were crazy enough to go there for lunch again after the first attempt we did early of the month!

[Chili Cheeseburger combo]

This time, I tried Chili Cheeseburger combo. It looks really nice and drooling from the picture display on the wall. This was the most expensive burger I ever try so far and costs me RM14.00 for a single burger! But I went for combo, which includes the burger, a cup of free-flow drink and small-sized fries. The combo priced at RM18.50 plus 5% of government tax, it was RM19.45 in total! Wah! The most expensive burger set I ever had!

[The receipt]

[Go for small size - the combo size is depend on the size of cup and fries]

As usual, Carl's Jr's burger won't disappoint you in term of its size. However, when my burger was placed on my table, and I opened the box, I felt a bit disappointed as "What I see is not what I get"! Even until now I still doubt if they gave me the correct burger.

[Inside the box]

See the picture below... this is an advertisement of a chilli cheeseburger. I thought it really means "monster"!

[Chilli Cheeseburger picture and advertisement]

... and this is the chilli cheeseburger sent to my table! Can you see the difference? Well I know, there is always small wording mentioned "The real product may vary from the picture" or "This picture is for display purposes" or something like that, but don't you feel this one is a bit too much?

[The real chilli cheeseburger sent to me]

[The beef and cheese inside the burger]

Try to look at the "Superstar" I ordered early of the month. It's much cheaper than the chilli cheeseburger I ordered today, around RM16 only. Some more "Superstar" had 2 layers of beef inside the burger!! Which one you think more worth the money? The taste? chilli cheese doesn't seems to be better than "Superstar".

["Superstar" that I tried previously]

Another thing, the burger's name is "chilli" cheeseburger. You see how the word "chilli" was emphasized? Yet there is no taste of chilli nor feel of spicy in that burger. What a big disappointement. I think they better call it cheese burger instead of "chilli" cheeseburger. That'll be more appropriate!

[The burger box with "chilli" sticker]

[Can you see any chilli inside the burger?]

I think next time if I have chance to go there again, I will order back "Superstar combo". It more worth the money and you really can't resist the attraction of the double beef!!

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