Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pretty Show Girls At PC Fair @ KL Convention Center

Ok, I won't say much about the pc fair I went today at KL Convention Center. Maybe I'll leave that for later. I guess a lot of "buaya" out there are waiting for this - the show girls in the pc fair!

I didn't meet many show girls actually, what a disappointment. Maybe it was too crowded, so the show girls were surrounded by the crowds or because my timing just not right as I went there in the afternoon time where some show girls might be left for lunch. Furthermore, the place was too crowded and that limited my photo taking chances.

Anyway, just enjoy and appreciate these little photos I managed to take. Certainly not easy to take these pics.

[The show girl carrying a notebook, a sweet little girl]

[This one carried a printer]

[These 2 busy distributing pamphlets]

[This one is sweet]

[These 2 wore a bit too much ;p]

[These dual just wore normal t-shirt, not really eyes-catchy]

[I like their costume]

The following were the best shot of the day! 5 show girls posing at the same time in front of Kingsoft's booth. Young, sexy and pretty, only words I can use to describe them!

[5 show girls posing in front of Kingsoft booth]

Anyway, there were too many professional, semi professional, amatuer or even semi amatuer (those using handphone camera ;p ) photographers were too busy focusing their camera on these girls (all were "buaya"!). Therefore the place was too crowded. Luckily, I still managed to shot some and the quality is still acceptable. Enjoy!

[Luckily this zooming was quite good]

[Where were the other 2? Maybe went to washroom?]


  1. haha, well done well done, i only take some of show girls, lost at all, hahaha... 你牛!!

  2. how u can take so many photos of show girls with most of them looking at ur camera?? what's the trick???

  3. No trick... just need the right timing..


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