Monday, April 13, 2009

Inside PIKOM KL PC Fair 2009

I think by now most of you especially those "buaya" already satisfied enjoying pretty PC fair show girls which I posted previously at here and here. (If you still not satisfy, I can't help much neither as that's all I have). Now back to more serious topic, about the PIKOM PC fair itself which was held from 1oth - 12th April 2009 at KL Convention Center.

[PIKOM PC fair 2009 layout plan]

Actually nothing much I would like to write about it, but this is my first visit to KL PC fair which was held inside KL Convention Center. Before this, I did attend PC fair in KL once but that time it was held in PWTC and KL Convention Center was still a myth.

The pc fair basically can be divided to 2 major categories. The one at the upper floor was specially for major IT brands such as Sony, DELL, Samsung, Canon, NEC, ASUS, HP, Panasonic, Lenovo, Acer and so on.










Internet Service Providers (ISP) and also various telecommunication companies were also here.

[K-One, specialized in GPS device]

[U-Mobile, a new telecommunication company (018)]

[Maxis Broadband]

[Celcom Broadband]

[P1 W1MAX - a new wireless ISP]

Then the one at the ground floor was consists of common PC-related manufacturers booths, major camera manufacturers, PC shops and also online games booths.

[Pen Drive]

[Seagate - specialized in hard drive]

[PDA Expert]

[Not much cheap DVD-R for sale this time]

[An online game booth]

[Random shot in pc fair]

["Sardine" pack crowd, really jammed and crazy!]

[Shopping for computer peripherals]

These are major camera brand booths:


[Canon IXUS!!]



Some other interesting random pics took in PC fair:

You will see this alert everywhere in the pc fair. Beware of Pick Pocket! Yeah! definitely you need to aware for pocket-pickers at all time. You never know who is walking behind you because it was really too packed inside the exhibition halls.

Wheel of fortune also inside the pc fair? Yeah, but I don't think you can play as you like. You must purchase something from the booth in certain amount for this!

Now, is SHOT OF THE DAY time again! See the casing below? From far, it was nothing special. Just a silver color CPU casing with a transparent plastic at one side of it.

But if you see the casing closely, did you see anything special? Yes! You notice there is a King Kong catching a girl inside the CPU case? Isn't it cute?!! I think it is just for decoration.

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  1. waaahh, your camera flash more powerful, light than mine, I want to change !!! but no $$$, hai...


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