Thursday, April 23, 2009

Value Added Nasi Lemak @ Tepi Jalan

Yummy! Just finished my nasi lemak! One of my favorite Malay food!

This morning my colleague Chamb again introduced us with a very nice and delicious nasi lemak just not too far away from UOA building. We even can see the stall from office balcony. It's a stall near the roadside. Chamb told us "The nasi lemak is cheap yet delicious. Let us go tapao?".

[View from office balcony. Can you see the stall?]

Without much tought, I agreed! Nasi Lemak!!! I like it so much! I can't refused! So just less than a minute's walk, we were at the stall. I could see the Makcik selling nasi lemak were so busy doing packing. A lot of additional dishes were on the table e.g. chicken, fish, fried eggs, cuttlefish, livers, clams, mussels and etc up to you to choose.

[The dishes for you to choose from]

I wished to choose all! But I couldn't do so unless I don't mind to pay few tens for it. So after some thought, I decided to go for the mussels, chillied mussles. Chamb ordered the same as mine, Sparkish ordered nasi lemak with chicken and FoxKing prefer ordinary nasi lemak.

[The Makcik is busy packing nasi lemak]

The price? It is cheap really! The cheapest yet most value-added meal I ever try in KL so far! The ordinary nasi lemak costs RM1.50 only! Mine one with mussels RM2.50. Nasi lemak with chicken worth RM3.50. Trust me... the chicken is a big piece of chicken! RM3.50 still worth the money.

We even asked the Makcik to add more sambal to our nasi lemak. The very nice Makcik never hesitate to add another scope of sambal into the rice! It's so yummy! I love sambal so much!

[My pack of nasi lemak]

Ok... this is how my pack of nasi lemak looks like when I opened it. It is really big portion! If it is not because we are all big eaters, I don't think one person can finish it alone!

[When the pack was opened...]

The nasi lemak is wrapped with a banana's leaf to add more aroma to the rice and also make it more presentable.

[This is the nasi lemak with banana leaf at the bottom!]

The standard ingredients in the nasi lemak includes half boiled eggs, cucumbers, deep fried ikan bilis, peanuts and also sambal. I think even you didn't add the extra dish, the ordinary nasi lemak is already delicious enough.

[Nasi lemak full of ingredients]

The taste? Ymmmm.... delicious of course! Although it looks quite "red", but it is not spicy actually. Just a little. Otherwise, our FoxKing who hate spicy so much would not be able to finish the whole packet! ;p

[The cucumbers, sambal, mussels, egg, etc... ]

It is definitely a meal that worth your money! Honestly, not much you can do with RM2.50 especially in KL area but this one is really an exceptional. If you are a big eater, you really should try this especially those working nearby.

[Close view of the mussels and egg]


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