Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Professional" Photographers?

In metropolis like KL, it is not too hard to see "professional" photographers. Everywhere you go, you will see people carrying DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera. It is a trend. Just like our hand phone, it was once only affordable by business person or taukeh. But can you see the trend now? Even a secondary student can have a hand phone in their school bag.

["Professional" photographers in KL]

This is the trend I was talking about. DSLR now already become a trend in big city like KL. Fully automatic camera like my Canon IXUS is almost fade out already. Those carrying a DSLR camera will be considered as "professional" photographers and they have a special and most strategic place reserved for them in an event like fashion show. Even pretty girls proudly posing in front of their camera no matter they are true professional photographers or amatuer bloggers like me. The main concern is "show your DSLR camera"!

["Professional" photographers usually have special platform for them to shot the event]

However if you are using an automatic camera like I do, then the story will be different. You have to make your own effort to get the best angle and shot. Pretty girls may keep avoiding your camera because they may thought you are just another "ham sap lou" (sex-maniac) or taiwanese prefer to call it as "weird uncle". Of course there is exception! Just like the pc fair show girls, I salute them for their professionalism and that makes them even prettier than they actually are!

Ok, forget about the story on what type of camera you are carrying. Now lets talk about KL "professional" photographers. Hereafter, the phrase "professional photographers" would mean those carrying DSLR camera no matter they are true professional or just an amatuer.

It is certainly not easy to be a professional photographer in KL. The EFFORTS should be take into account at all time. First you have to go to the scene earlier so that you can standby and get the best postition to make the shot. Although most of the time the best angle is reserved for them, yet they still need to fight for best of the best position to capture the best shots!

[Arrived at the scene early to get the best of the best position]

[Prepare your own ladder to prevent blocking]

You know what? If you are not confident that you won't get blocked when you are taking photo, or you prefer to take shots at a higher angle, then better bring your own ladder or stool. This was the situation I saw in a shopping complex when those professional photographers were busy shooting on a fashion show.

[No ladder? Just bring stool to make yourself "taller"]

Are they really professional? I am not sure. But what you can see is, they all having a DSLR camera with long lens. Even if they are a blogger like me or a "weird uncle", you will never know as well. At least, the camera and their posture while taking the photos make them look like a professional!

[Bunch of "professional" photographers busy shooting on a model on stage]

Although it is hard, but I guess the efforts they put on and the result of their shots will return to them tonnes of satisfaction.

[See who stand higher and have longer lens!]

I wish one day I can be one of them as well and not just carrying a Canon IXUS and hard to find a good angle to make my shots!


  1. Buy buy buy. Don't wait. Take your new SLR or DSLR out and just shoot. Shoot here and there.

  2. go go go Chamb, we buy together, hahaha...
    hai... no increament leh, how to buy !??!


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