Thursday, April 9, 2009

Won A Free Drink

I "won" a free drink today.

The story goes like this. Today after lunch, my colleague Chamb asked me if I would like to get free drink. I asked him "where to get?". He told me somewhere in front. Therefore, I just followed him.

When we reached there, just under UOA office, I saw 2 girls were busy distributing a very nice packed paper bags to the pedestrians.

We then approached one of the girl and with our innocent look we hoped the girl would give us something. The girl then suddenly handed out a series of cards and told us "Please pick one". Now I know, in order to get the free gift, we need to do something.

I randomly chose one. When I looked into the card, actually there was a question or statement on it. Mine one read like "Do you know stretching can help to.... " bla bla bla... sorry, I can't remember the entire content, but it was something explain about benefit of stretching. The one my colleague Chamb drew is just a true or false question. He answered the question correctly hence the girl quickly gave him a gift.

As for me, I was confused. The card I drew is not a question. I asked the girl "How would I answer?". With a very cute smile, she stretched both of her arms out and said "Just stretch like this". Oh! that's very sweet of her. So, without much thought, I really made a big stretch for her by open both of my arms wide.

After I did that, she gave me a small paper bag with something inside. The colorful paper bag was very nice looking with the word "F&N Seasons" printed on it.

So what is inside the paper bag actually? Take a look at it.

Emmm... it is actually consists of a leaflet explaining and promoting series of F&N Seasons health drinks,

and also a can of new F&N Seasons low sugar and cholesterol free soya bean milk. Sounds like a health drink as well.

This is how I get my free drink of the day. Not too bad, right?


  1. hahahhaa... i was there and you really stretch out your hand so wide. hahahaha...

  2. I follow back of you guys next time, can get free thing, hihihi.....


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