Monday, April 6, 2009

Met with Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

For an ordinary people, how many times in your life you have chance to stand close, look close and feel close a super duper cool sports car which worth more than a million Ringgit? Obviously won't have much chance.

I was lucky enough when I had chance to stand close, look close and feel close a super duper sports car last week inside Pavillion on my way to Carl's Jr for lunch. It was a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano from Naza Italia.

The car was displayed at the main entrance of Pavillion shopping complex. I just cannot describe how cool the car is, but it definitely attracted a lot of attention from people walking passed by the area. I could see a lot of people took out their camera and started to shot on this extremely sexy sports car. Honestly, not many can resist his sexiness and beauty.

I was not an exception. How could I let go such a rare opportunity? I quickly took out my camera, acted like a professional photographer and started to shot on the car. From left to right, front to rear! The car was really cool especially under the shine of lighting from different angle.

The reflection from shinning car body made the car more elegant and stylish. The silver prancing horse in front of the car was rather cool and symbolic! Can you see the beauty of the prancing horse?

I was so impressed with the car espcially when it was a Ferrari - one of my favorite brand in sports car. But too bad, I couldn't stay and stare a little more longer as I was in rush for my one-hour lunch time.

One more thing I felt quite regret, is that I couldn't see the inner design of the car. It was not open for exhibition. Anyway, I should feel satisfy for being able to stand close, look close and feel close the million-dollar dream car!

[Pininfarina, the designing firm of Ferrari cars was printed on the car]

To read more about this model of Ferrari car, click here.

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