Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 New Year BBQ

How you spent the first day of year 2010? I spent it by attending a barbecue organized by Sparkish at a rural area, near a private chalet owned by his relative. Those joined this BBQ session were mostly Otaku... well if you dunno what Otaku is, you can try to google it. ^ ^

All of us played our part by helping to buy necessities and foods for this BBQ session. We departed and headed to the place at around 4pm with 2 cars. It took about 20 minutes to reach the BBQ venue.

The route heading to the venue was a challenging one. We need to go through quite a distance of narrow and untarred road to reach the place. It certainly needs a good driving skill or else your car may end up in the mud!

Variation of foods but not the quantity that became Sparkish choice when preparing the foods. That's why, it was not just chicken wings for the BBQ. We had wide range of foods, besides chicken wings, there were pork, beef, fish, prawns, clams, fish balls, Japanese bean curds, sausages, sweet corns, sweet potatoes and pulut panggang. You can see the foods from the following photos.











As usual in a BBQ, burning up charcoal is one of the toughest task to perform. Realized of this, we prepared the charcoal fire starter to ease the process. Vincent had done a good job on this. He was working on the charcoal for more than half an hour. Finally his efforts paid off when the charcoal was ready for the barbecue!


Everyone had put in efforts in order to make the BBQ a success. Some prepared and burnt the charcoal, while others helped to prepare the foods. When the barbecue started, everyone played their role to help. Some busy flipping the foods to avoid charring, some applied butter and honey onto the BBQ foods. Nonetheless, still quite a lot of them were over burnt! Perhaps we were lack of experience in controlling the fire.


That's why we appointed a person to be the quality assurance (QA). His job is to make sure the charred part of the food being cut off or removed as the chemical may cause cancer. Well, I think he talked and made fun around more than doing the work, at the end of the day, we had to remove the char by ourselves. ^ ^

We also appointed a guy whose responsibility is to keep the flies away from the fresh foods. He's the pities one sitting alone at one side taking care of the flies. Anyway, I guess he had done a good job there!

The BBQ continued till the sky was dark. Our aim was to grill all the foods we prepared and we successfully done it at around 8pm. Everyone had done a great job!


We awarded ourselves by enjoying the foods in the air-cond chalet while watching Transformers with laptop.




Now, can you guess what is shown in the picture below? Are they rats? Are they charcoals? No!! They are "sweet potato's charcoal"!! This is the result when you over burnt the sweet potatoes. We wrapped the potatoes with aluminum foil and then put them into the burning charcoal.

I guess we had extremely over-burnt the sweet potatoes, when we were about to eat them, the potatoes became very light in weight and when we opened the foil, this is the thing that really shocked us and became the biggest laughter of all night!!


The event ended at about 9pm and after the clearing and cleaning jobs, we left the place with a lot of fun and satisfaction. It was a great event in the first day of 2010. Special thanks to Sparkish for his effort to get this good place for us and made the event a success!


  1. Eight poor otaku, hopefully next time can bring own otakis, still eight.

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  3. 够力,这么多色情!!??

  4. 垃圾来的。。。我把它删除!


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