Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Exotic Buah Lumok

This is quite a unique local exotic fruit which I guess most of you may never see it before. Even if you ever meet it somewhere, you may never taste it. I think Chinese family seldom eat this fruit.

In Iban community, this fruit is called "Buah Lumok". However, common Sarawak people will call it "Buah Terap" or more precisely it is called "Buah Tarap". Its scientific name is something I am not sure how to pronounce - Artocarpus odoratissimus.

The fruit can only be found in Borneo and it is cousin to Jackfruit (Buah Nangka), cempedak and breadfruit (Buah Sukun). In a more scientific saying, these fruits are from a same scientific family of  Moraceae and the Genus of Artocarpus.

The fruit has a very unique appearance. The shape is pretty much like the breadfruit (if you ever see one) which is rounded but a little oval. The rind of the fruit made its appearance so special. It is thick and fully covered with soft, broad and "rubber-feel" spines.

The color of the rind is greenish. Upon ripen, the color will change to greenish yellow then brownish. It is not too hard to open the fruit. Just apply some pressure onto the rind, then tear it and the rind will break apart.

The arils look very similar to Jackfruit but it is smaller, the texture is smoother, instead of yellowish, they are white in color, juicy and about grape's size. I aware that the flesh above look a bit yellowish. It is because the fruit is a bit over-ripen and it turned from white to yellowish.

The taste is sweet with distinctive aroma. The seeds are much more smaller than the one in Jackfruits and brownish in color. Heard it can be eaten after boiling or roasting.

Despite the unattractive appearance, the taste is not too hard to be accepted and it is a exotic fruit that worth a try!


  1. i got the biggest lumok during christmas. Will post them up soon.

  2. cmichael: Yes.. post them up please.

    Michelle: To be more precise, it is only available in the Borneo Island... (if I am not mistaken)


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